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  • Written by ninarocha on 07.12.2011

    Immortal Beloved is so intense as the classical music of its main character, Ludwig Van Beethoven (Gary Oldman). After his death on Vienna in 1827, his last wish was that all his wealth, including the music, were given to a mysterious woman, the true love of his life, which he named “My immortal beloved”. Anton Felix Schindler (Jeron Krabbé) is in charge to accomplish his friend’s last which, and goes in a journey into a unknown part of Beethoven’s history, that everyone used to see as an arrogant and lunatic musician. Anton searches for everyone woman that Beethoven has been with, rescuing the lost memories, a side of Beethoven’s life that no one would have imagined, turning his life even more interesting. There are some memorable scenes in the movie, such as when Gary Oldman, in one of the best performances of his career, plays the Moonlight Sonata e put the hear next to the piano e try to feel the song, because he can’t hear due to his deaf. It’s a wonderful movie and has an unique photography. The soundtrack is even more amazing if it’s not only listened, but watched too.

  • Written by ninarocha on 11.12.2011

    Almost Famous is truly a school of rock. William Miller (Patrick Fugit) is a forward teenager that founds out music and get an interview with the fictional band Stillwater (that is like a mix of Lynyrd Skynyrd, great choices at the soundtrack). The musical scene on 70's is conducive to amazing rock'n'roll stories like this one. With a little autobiography influence of Cameron Crowe, that went out in 73 with the team of the legendary magazine and wrote many articles of one of the greatest moments of rock music being only 16 years old. Even though William is overprotected by his mom, we goes out on tour with Stillwater, but soon, sees himself divided by the friendship with the band crew, the truth behind the stage and his platonic love with the groupie Penny Lane (Kate Hudosn). The characters are catching and the movie is an honest report about the music for its lovers. With memorable scenes, such as when the band and the movie sings Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" in the bus, or when Russel Hammond (Billy Crudup) stoned on acid screams from the top of the roof that he's a golden god. It's a obligatory movie for everyone that ever wanted to be on stage with all the fever of rock'n'roll cliches: sex and drugs. And of course, lots of fun.

  • Written by ninarocha on 15.12.2011

    Many people consider Bertolucci as obscene. Stealing Beauty is such an intense movie that overshadows any excess of erotism or sensuality that he is used to put on his films. Lucy (Liv Tyler) is an american young girl, that after her mother's suicide goes on a trip to Italy, meeting friends, family and an old lover. Closed and recluse, she starts to discover the secrets that her mom left, looking for her missing father as the same time that she founds out her own sexuality. Bernardo Bertolucci gets credits for the impeccable soundtrack and photography. Art is all over the movie. And as he has already said in another films, there are no such thing as love, only proofs of it. And this movie is a proof of love to love.

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