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Immortal Beloved (1994)

Immortal Music — Written by ninarocha on 07.12.2011

Immortal Beloved is so intense as the classical music of its main character, Ludwig Van Beethoven (Gary Oldman). After his death on Vienna in 1827, his last wish was that all his wealth, including the music, were given to a mysterious woman, the true love of his life, which he named “My immortal beloved”. Anton Felix Schindler (Jeron Krabbé) is in charge to accomplish his friend’s last which, and goes in a journey into a unknown part of Beethoven’s history, that everyone used to see as an arrogant and lunatic musician. Anton searches for everyone woman that Beethoven has been with, rescuing the lost memories, a side of Beethoven’s life that no one would have imagined, turning his life even more interesting. There are some memorable scenes in the movie, such as when Gary Oldman, in one of the best performances of his career, plays the Moonlight Sonata e put the hear next to the piano e try to feel the song, because he can’t hear due to his deaf. It’s a wonderful movie and has an unique photography. The soundtrack is even more amazing if it’s not only listened, but watched too.

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