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Like other leet web 2.0 sites which rely on user generated content, WTM is dependant on Moderators for a variety of different tasks such as:

  • Approve Snapshots
    As you know, our resident janitor Scruffy (a computer generated program) pushes around 30 Snapshots per day to the Feature Films. He takes the best rated picture every 56 minutes, which adds up to 30 in total. them00ch wrote a forumpost on this matter. Since there are around 60-70 Feature Film Snapshots every day, we rely on Moderators to push interesting and good looking Snapshots which won't make it based on their score, to add a little more variety.
  • Be a helping hand for others
    If you have a question which can't be answered in the FAQ, the Forum or in the Chat, it's probably best to head for a Moderator (they have those little blue flags below their autograph cards). They will assist you with your inquiry.
  • Delete suspicious content, flag comments as spoilers, look out for the bad guys
    The usual stuff.

You can see all of our current Moderators on the right side. We contacted those players directly and asked them to help us. There was no assessment centre, and they didn't apply for the job (which is unpaid).

Moderators are players like yourself, they post and solve Snapshots. They however don't have special treats. They can't request solutions to Snapshots and they certainly don't have unlimited awesome uploads to push their own Snapshots. You can see their names in the Uploader Top 20 or on a Contest rankings simply because they're among the *best* players out there. That's how we handle our fiercest enemies, we make them part of the team.

Actual moderators

Our uttermost respect goes out to these fellows, who help us to keep the show running.

Old contributors

Our former staff, they are not active anymore but we are really grateful for all they did for us.