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As most of you probably know, the WTM engines are fueled by a very small team of enthuasiastic movie-loving fellows. We‘re no big company with tons of sponsors and loads of money. We do however have monthly fixed costs which drain our bank account.

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We don‘t want to plaster the site with tons of flash ads and are therefore dependant on your support. Being a WTM supporter unlocks some special features which make the WTM experience even more awesome. Check out the list on the right for all the benefits.

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Our most recent treat are Supporter Stats. Since the first days of WTM we have been saving detailed information on every Snapshot you solved and every Buck you earned. All this data came in handy to plot fancy graphs of your activity on the site. We currently have 3 graphs and more are in the work!

You can become a Supporter for either 6 months, a full year or any additional number of months. The rate for one month is as low as 1 Euro. Become a Supporter and show your love for the site!

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WTM Supporter Benefits

  • Decorate your Avatar with a black tag
  • Be able to have 3 Snapshots in the New Submissions and Contests
  • Gain a unique shiny Memorabilia
  • Have Awesome Uploads
  • See recent Visitors on your Profile
  • Be able to upload up to 5 Snapshots from the same Movie (instead of 2)
  • Show a Gallery of your Best Shots on your Profile
  • Have Supporter Stats
  • See who favourited your snapshots
  • And a lot more to come!