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Whatthemovie has been featured on various print and online media since its launch in August 2008. Here is a small excerpt:

We were featured in their daily internet TV show.
We popped up twice on their main page.
They did a small article about WTM and featured us in their "Best of 2008" special.
Teaser veronicaVeronica Magazine (NL)
They wrote a small but neat article about us :)

Thanks for the hint LiquidTV and Zythux.
Teaser radio roninRadio show
A friend did a small radio Q&A with yours truly. (in German)

Thanks josi.
Teaser staatspreisMultimedia Staatspreis
WTM was one of the nominees at the Austrian Multimedia Staatspreis Gala of 2009.

Teaser radio roninInterview
Interview with Marcel Uekermann (in German)

If you should stumble upon great articles, be sure to give us a hint. Thanks!

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