Future of WTM

Posted by kinoute - October 24th, 2020

Hello everyone, If you read this article, it means we successfully switched Whatthemovie to new servers! Sorry for the maintenance, it was necessary as this is not only a change of servers: a lot of things also changed under the hood and we want to...

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WTM 2.6 : New Features

Posted by kinoute - June 23rd, 2012

Hello everyone, We are happy to announce some new features and improvements today after a month of coding. Nothing really fancy, but I hope you guys will like it. So what's new? Snapshots of the Day Overview There was no really good way to br...

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whatthemovie - twitter edition

Posted by tliff - August 9th, 2010

One of the things we wanted to have in wtm2.0 (that's the version you know) was a way for our users to communicate with each other. So we implemented shout boxes all over the site and that was quite ok for the time being. You also have an overvi...

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WTM now without gore; we still have nudity, though

Posted by tliff - June 4th, 2010

Ok, picture this: You are at work, on your lunch break. You just bought a tasty sandwich from the sandwich dealer, you know the ones where they have that delicious sauce that tastes so… anyways, you are eating and decide you could play some whatthemov...

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Mhh… Updates…

Posted by tliff - May 23rd, 2010

We just released a view updates to the site. First, it is now possible to donate to whatthemovie and have the supporter status go to someone other than yourself. So want to make someone a nice little present, now you can. Simply go to your settings...

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whatthemovie 2.5

Posted by tliff - December 31st, 2009

After some lengthy development we are happy to announce a rather large update today. Plenty of new features and improvements. The best thing is, all of you have the one time opportunity to test if everything works! We are aware of thousands of Bugs...

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We’re ready to rumble again

Posted by naut - July 8th, 2009

I’d like to give you a brief status update: Tliff still has some exams left (MO-FR next week) but speaking for myself, I’m done for this term :) Finally some time to enrich the whatthemovie experience with even more flavour. I’ve just finished a 1600 ...

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And Scruffy spoke: Let there be speed!

Posted by naut - June 11th, 2009

We have moved to a new server once again. After starting out on Tliff’s own little baby we moved to the mighty Titan in October 2008. Good old Titan served us well with WTM1 but WTM2 seems to be such a hungry piece of code that we were forced to move ...

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