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Ok, picture this: You are at work, on your lunch break. You just bought a tasty sandwich from the sandwich dealer, you know the ones where they have that delicious sauce that tastes so… anyways, you are eating and decide you could play some whatthemovie while you wait for your jaws to grind the food. So you happily click the random button until you come across a shot that is somewhat bad for your appetite, say a dismembered body.

Not anymore!

Now you can actually filter out the snapshots on whatthemovie that contain gore, same goes for nudity if you are one of those people who don't like nudity. Those shots are now replaced with this tasteful image:

Descriptions are for suckers

The ones with stronger stomachs among you might want to know how to get the gore back. Easy: It's under your settings. The default is to show nudity and filter. (Take that, America!)

The clever ones among you might also want to know how we determine what snapshots contain gore and nudity. We examine the tags the snapshot has. If they contain nudity and or gore, so does the shot. So if you find a shot not considered as gore or nudity, you may add those tags.

In other News: It is now also possible to edit more details of the movies on the movie page. So if you find a wrong title or wrong year, or wrong imdb link and are at least a set decorator (because that's what set decorators do, change metadata) you may change that.

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