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One of the things we wanted to have in wtm2.0 (that's the version you know) was a way for our users to communicate with each other.

So we implemented shout boxes all over the site and that was quite ok for the time being.

You also have an overview of shouts that somehow relate to you on your home page as Tales of Interest.

But until now, for a shout to show up there it had to be on your profile page, often making it necessary to manually check shout boxes.

We have now implemented some new features that make our shout boxes, and especially your home page even more useful.

So, what does the home page now show in your Tales of Interest?

  • shout by yourself
  • shouts on a review you wrote
  • shouts that contain your @username
  • shouts on shots you are subscribed to

So how does this subscribing work? A picture says more than thousand words so:

Check or uncheck that box. Simple. Shouts you upload will automatically have the box checked to mimic the behavior you are accustomed to.

And how about that @username? Simply add @username to a shout in any shout box and it will appear in the Tales of Interest of that user. Simple.

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