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Yours truly were one of three nominees at the 2009 Austrian Multimedia Staatspreis. We were nominated in the category Förderpreis along with teams from Vienna and the FH Hagenberg.
We didn't win but it was a fun evening :)

Video of the Presentation (German)

Photo of the Article

One Night in Vienna

  • Number of Persons attending
    the Gala: 431
  • Number of Persons waiting in line for the buffet: 653
  • Number of Persons talking about WTM without prior knowledge: 2
  • Number of Persons not suited up for the occasion: 7 (we were alone 5)
  • Coming late to Galas has its advantages.
    While entering the building:
    Q: Who are you?
    A: Sorry we're late. We're nominated.
    Q: Oh, you must be WTM.
  • That's us on the red carpet: