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Stealing Beauty (1996)

Love, beauty and innocence — Written by ninarocha on 15.12.2011

Many people consider Bertolucci as obscene. Stealing Beauty is such an intense movie that overshadows any excess of erotism or sensuality that he is used to put on his films. Lucy (Liv Tyler) is an american young girl, that after her mother's suicide goes on a trip to Italy, meeting friends, family and an old lover. Closed and recluse, she starts to discover the secrets that her mom left, looking for her missing father as the same time that she founds out her own sexuality. Bernardo Bertolucci gets credits for the impeccable soundtrack and photography. Art is all over the movie. And as he has already said in another films, there are no such thing as love, only proofs of it. And this movie is a proof of love to love.

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