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  • Written by Simzilla on 09.01.2023

    While the 70s constitute an appealing setting , the common thread that justifies this powerful jump back in time is clearly clumsy, barely believable and thus quite annoying.

    At the top of the mountain of annoyance lies Cooper Alexander Hoffman's character : Gary Valentine.
    Apart from an irritating hexis, this young boy's ethos is capitalism in its most common form.
    Therefore, making money and being famous are this only son's main purposes of his teenage years, no matter how ridiculous he can be.

    On the other side of this relationshiip, Alana Kane (played by Alana Haim) is way more interesting, embodiying young adult's (and especillay young women's) uneasiness with all the choices that she has to make.
    However, this uneasiness will transform into a series of unfortunate choices, the first and most tragic one being responding to Gary Valentine's catcalling, and somehow being attracted to him.

    Nevertheless, in addition to a wonderful picture, the 70s recreation is refreshing, especially thanks to a great soundtrack ("Let me Roll It" and "Stumblin'in" at the top of the list).

  • Written by Simzilla on 10.01.2023

    In a world where everyone is mystical, no sentence is pronounced without a strong feeling or a deadly premonition.

    Appart from very well choregraphed fight scenes, this movie seems to distinguish itself thanks to gloomy and oneiric visuals, particularly ones linked to Nordic Mythology.

    The story’s simplicity (a pure revenge) sweetens screenplay shortcuts, the main one being the prophecies that annihilate any suspens, but crystallises the visual importance of every shot.

    The exhilarating violence and the mise en scène of great landscapes also turns out to be huge incentives to invest viking worlds.
    Playing viking video games (Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in particular) and wander through this untamed nature could extend such a cinematic journey.

    For that matter, the whole movie is also kinf of built like a video game, the main quest being fulfilled after a secondary quest based on looting a legendary sword.

  • Written by Simzilla on 12.01.2023

    ...or what capitalism can do to creation.

    Launched a few weeks before Christmas (the toys won't sell themselves !) and a year after the second of an awful trilogy, Star Wars : Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker is not much more than a massive cash grab (Another one) from Disney.

    While visual environments seems to be its only quality, this movie stages poorly-written characters going on a series of simple quests, achieved too simply and unexpectingly (in a non-satisfying way).

    Failing raising expectations through a generally akward "epicness", the spectator is baffled in front of all those incoherences within the story and within Star Wars' rich universe.

    Finally, postlogy's usual "fan-service" is no longer enough to satisfy frustrated Star Wars' fans.

  • Written by Simzilla on 13.01.2023


    A great example of a binational coproduction (France & Italy), in which the great Lino Ventura stars as Italy best detective, chasing a faceless killer, seeking revenge for an injustice perpetrated by, sweet and old irony, Italian's Justice.

    There is something so grave with Francesco Rosi's Italy (and Italy in general), boiling with tensions and great statured things.

    The power holding Italy together is faceless, bureaucratical and almost sacred. Lino Ventura's character isn't fighting people, he is fighting principles, efforts aimed at maintaining a vision of the world.

    Therefore, just like many Rosi's films, this work is eminently political and a call for rebellion.

    About that, the ending is absolutely majestic and brutal, once again spending the end of a communist revolution for the "greater good" of a country ready to explode.

  • Written by Simzilla on 20.01.2023

    "Toy Story 4" is a disappointment, lacking the charm and originality of the previous films in the franchise, and looks a lot like an impostor.
    The animation is polished but uninspired, and the story feels forced and unoriginal. The voice acting, while still strong from Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, is not enough to save the film.
    It's clear that this film was made purely for profit and to capitalize on the success of the franchise, rather than to tell a compelling story.
    Moreover, Toy Story 3 was a perfect ending to the franchise, the toys bringing fun once again after an emotional goodbye to Andy, both him and the toys living a new adventure.
    This perfect ending is thus ruined by this movie in which SPOILER ALERT... Buzz and Woody split up...perhaps until they meet again in another attempt at milking Toy Story cash cow.
    Overall, "Toy Story 4" is a forgettable installment in the series.

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