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The Sound of Music (1965)

Nun Taken — Written by Simzilla on 22.01.2023

What a masterpiece filled with laughters, tears and incredible music !

Even though it may sounds and looks just a little bit cheesy, you have to acknowledge the healing power of music.
It manages to turn undeservedly deprived of attention (thus rude) children into regular (thus charming) ones.

The "sassy" captain Von Trap (Christopher Plummer) is also warmed by music and learn to love again, both his children and their governess Maria (Julie Andrews).

The songs are amazing, with a great austrian touch and consequently as enchanting as a waltz. The austrian touch also provides an overall consistency to the musical atmosphere and to the movie.

As well, Austria plays a huge role in this movie. The beautiful landscapes, from the massive green mountains to Von Trap's villa, including Salzburg's architecture, strenghten the beauty of a story taking place in a territory threatened by Nazism.

The story is all the more powerful given that it was inspired by real events.

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