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  • Written by RDPL55 on 01.09.2009

    The Story: A diving bell is lost during a scientific expedition. The fours passengers are considered as lost. But in fact they become prisoners in a underwater labyrinth of caverns! They meet an old man, prisoner for many years who tells them there is no escape… Despite of those bad news, they decide to find an exit, but tensions between the members of the expedition soon arise… Comments: A low budget Sci-Fi movie, very cheap, but quite watchable and not as ridiculous as expected. The screenplay is very simple and without surprising. The filming is cheap, without anything exciting. John Carradine is once more lost in B movie. The old prisoner (Maurice Bernard) is funny and pretty ridiculous. For B’s fans only.

  • Written by RDPL55 on 01.09.2009

    The Story: A young and pretty woman build an expedition in a dangerous part of Africa to find her brother who disappears in a previous trip. But they have to reach the area where a mysterious tribe of white women is living… But before they meet a lot of dangers: Man-eating lions, crocodiles, dangerous tribes… Comments: Very low budget adventure movie in witch quite 50% of the images are stock-shots: lot’s of wild animals, dancing tribes etc… a nice postcard of colonial Africa ! Then a romance story, the husband loves the queen of amazons, the guide of the expedition loves the pretty woman, a bad guy want to stop them… many poor black men eaten by lions, crocodiles etc… Very funny and sometime truly ridiculous for example the houses of the Amazons… more comfortable than any hotel in Africa!! A very good film for who wants to see what doing with a very low budget.

  • Written by RDPL55 on 05.02.2010

    The story: A tribe of cute little Amazons are living in peace in the Goldcreek valley. But as the name indicates it, there is gold in the creek. A group of naughty gold seekers decides to pick up some gold. So, with the help of their chief (and goddess) a blond haired Indian (in fact she was a lost child adopted by the tribe and she became goddess because of her golden hairs), they will kill the naughty gold searchers one by one… Analysis: This is the first (and last?) nudie-western and surprisingly it is much more fun as you could expect it! Furthermore, this movie, without any doubt, inspires James Cameron for the screenplay of his blockbuster “Avatar”. The story is exactly the same: a quiet tribe of gentle amazons (vs. the Na'vi) live in peace in harmony in their environment : Goldcreek (vs. Pandora), but they have gold (vs. Unobtanium). Naughty white gold seekers (vs. human beings) are coming and invade their peaceful world. But with the help of a white woman (the avatar) they will win and remain in peace… It’s the same!! Incredible!! The only difference is that “revenge of the virgins” cost 50,000$ (vs. 500 millions), is less than one hour long (vs. 2h50), is much more fun (vs. play station-like stultifying movie), and did not pretend to be more than drive-in B movie (vs. bunch of Oscar nominations…)!! Watch it you won’t be disappointed!!

  • Written by RDPL55 on 25.03.2010

    The Story: Two brothers escaped from the continent after a tentative to steal weapons, their boat is destroyed and they become shipwrecked on a paradise island where a tribe of delicious girls is living. The girls only fish and dive for pearls. But they have a cruel God for whom a girl must be sacrificed. Unfortunately the chosen girl is just the one that one of the guy felt in love with… Furthermore the other guy looks forward the pearls… What will happen? Just look at the movie! Comments: Incredible movie, really filmed in Hawaii, I suppose all the money disappeared into the flying pass… It’s a really cheap movie with the most awful colours you can imagine (perhaps with sunglasses…). A typically low-budget exotic production… Certainly not the best Corman movie!

  • Written by RDPL55 on 25.03.2010

    The Story: The major Paul Krenner (James Griffith) is a mad officer who wants to create an army of invisible soldiers. He kidnapped the professor Ulof (Ivan Triesault) and forces him to purchase his works on invisibility. But he needs more radium to realise his diabolic plan. That’s why he proposes to Joey Faust (Douglas Kennedy), a notorious bank robber who just escaped from jail, to join him. He makes Faust invisible and the guy steals a big amount of radium. In exchange he lets Faust attack a bank… but the invisibility doesn’t seem to be as perfect as it should be and the things won’t turn as it was expected… Comments: Ulmer did some intrusions in the fantastic (the nice “the man from planet X”, for example). In this movie we can't say he’s a genius but as usual, he tries to do his best with few… very few. Douglas Kennedy tries although to save this movie, but he seems a bit lost here… So, we are far away from “Detour” but if you’re Ulmer’s fan you can have a look at this small movie.

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