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  • Written by Fasojko on 11.10.2016

    Honestly I haven't expected this movie to be any good, 5-6/10 maybe. But in combination with good acting, story and visual effects – could be a good choice to kill the Sunday afternoon.

    Was it?

    - No!

    Why? Acting is poor. Story is so shallow and boring. Idea stolen from the Equilibrium. Cam Gigandet is so annoying with his acting and childish questions all of the time. The movie simply can't make you watch it for 15 minutes without thinking: "WTF?" or laughing. Paul Bettany wasn't enough to raise the quality of the movie. Unfortunately...

    Positive sides. Visually really nice! Paul Bettany, sometimes. Good 3D.

    At the end, I haven't rated it 2 only because Paul Bettany appeared in the movie, and because of the overall visual appearance.

  • Written by Fasojko on 13.10.2016

    Well where to start…

    Another exquisite piece of cinematography from Asia, once again proving that Asians can make more than horror movies. Story starts in wonderful winter night, relaxing and easy, but with well know feeling which accompany you from the beginning saying: "Something will go wrong in here". With rather long runtime of 141 minutes, I expected the story which will unwrap slowly, with action now and then, and plenty of scenes "important for the story". Because of that I ignored that "well known feeling", story and wonderful winterish night tucked me in and I prepared for the long and rather slow movie. I was so wrong! After only few minutes the "well known feeling" just takes you and harshly plucks you out of the condition you fell into. And I really mean after few minutes! Something starts to happen, the story starts to build, and from that point on the journey begins and holds you for whole 135 minutes of the movie left! All the time there is something new, some action, something that holds you tense and in expectation what will happen next. I started asking myself "Why he didn't do that instead of that?" and similar questions . Main topic of the movie is almost traditional for Asian cinematography – revenge!

    The movie is enhanced with PERFECT soundtrack in the background which really raises the overall atmosphere, and just fits the situations and atmosphere. Honestly I haven't heard such a good soundtrack long, long time! It is really on the world-class level.

    I deliberately didn't mention Mr. Min-Sik Choi, who should be renamed only for this movie into Mean-Sick Choi! What a performance! He impersonated a cruel psychopath so flawlessly, this role really fits his face and physical appearance. Well done! I would even say – better that Oldboy.

    You should expect a great movie which will make you think: "What would I do in that situation? Is it possible that wrong can be right in some situations?". This movie is a must for everyone who knows and respects the value of Asian cinematography. Same for everyone else who like the good and quality movie and wants to move away from boring and monotonous films that are recorded in huge numbers this days.

    Oh, and of course – there is a need to have a bit stronger stomach to see this movie.


  • Written by Fasojko on 14.10.2016

    I was thinking either to watch The Adjustment Bureau or The Rite. The day was rainy and blurry, so I ended up watching The Rite since it suited the overall atmosphere. Beginning of the movie is a bit slow, but not in a way that would annoy you, it just gives a slow introduction to the story, which I really liked. Story and the mood are gloomy while Rutger Hauer's role just fits him so well! It is really twisted to watch him and his son (Michael Kovak) working way in their family business. At this point of time I expected really a lot from the movie, but…..

    But, there is always a but. When the story started to evolve I saw so much similarities with the Exorcist, specially between Michael Kovak and Father Karras. I don't know, I even found similarities in their physical appearance, or was is it only me?

    The possession itself was something already seen in the movies so I haven't found them interesting or intriguing.

    Positive sides of the movie are internal struggle and disbelief of Michael Kovak, and the way his story unfolds at the end. Of course there is a supporting role of Rutger Hauer, which as already mentioned, is good and fits him. Another one is Anthony Hopkins – he is the reason this movie is worth watching. He had such a good role and reminded that he is still alive and kicking! I liked the way he got into the role, simply brilliant! Specially the scene at the hospital after the unfortunate happenings there. 5/5 for him!

  • Written by Fasojko on 24.10.2016


    well, what to say, I even don't know why I gave it 4 since it deserves more of a 3.

    Fincher is a good and well respected director, that's for sure, but I don't think he needed this.

    I'll try to be as brief as possible in this review, so here it goes: - horrible acting, and I do mean horrible - moronic excuse for dialogs - poor soundtrack - story without much sense and logic in it, or maybe better without it

    I managed to fall asleep in the cinema, the movie looked like a bunch of scenes random scenes stitched together with a glue, filmed only to fill the runtime of the movie. The whole story could be fitted into 45 minutes if you ask me.

    At the end, I really can't understand why did this movie got so much praises, is it just because it was made by Fincher?

    advice: if you skip this movie, you won't make a mistake.

  • Written by Fasojko on 25.10.2016

    New Godzilla, with a flashy trailer, awesome music playing, WOW I thought!

    So I went to cinema and left it disappointed...

    Why? Well, for who knows which time I have proved myself that so many movies nowadays are: a.) filmed only for profit b.) because of point a. - they rely only on special effects c.) no story whatsoever
    Same thing with the fact that we are flooded by sequels and comic adaptations which sucks big time.

    The movie had so much mistakes and situations that are all but logical...

    Oh yeah, did I mention Godzilla from 1998 looks waaaay better than 2014 version?

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