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The Rite (2011)

Father Karras VS Michael Kovak — Written by Fasojko on 14.10.2016

I was thinking either to watch The Adjustment Bureau or The Rite. The day was rainy and blurry, so I ended up watching The Rite since it suited the overall atmosphere. Beginning of the movie is a bit slow, but not in a way that would annoy you, it just gives a slow introduction to the story, which I really liked. Story and the mood are gloomy while Rutger Hauer's role just fits him so well! It is really twisted to watch him and his son (Michael Kovak) working way in their family business. At this point of time I expected really a lot from the movie, but…..

But, there is always a but. When the story started to evolve I saw so much similarities with the Exorcist, specially between Michael Kovak and Father Karras. I don't know, I even found similarities in their physical appearance, or was is it only me?

The possession itself was something already seen in the movies so I haven't found them interesting or intriguing.

Positive sides of the movie are internal struggle and disbelief of Michael Kovak, and the way his story unfolds at the end. Of course there is a supporting role of Rutger Hauer, which as already mentioned, is good and fits him. Another one is Anthony Hopkins – he is the reason this movie is worth watching. He had such a good role and reminded that he is still alive and kicking! I liked the way he got into the role, simply brilliant! Specially the scene at the hospital after the unfortunate happenings there. 5/5 for him!

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