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  • Written by couvent on 18.09.2022

    Encanto is a good movie, not just for kids but for grown ups too. The characters are well written and lovable however there are a lot of them so its hard to keep up and we dont get to know them all very well, which is a shame. The story is nothing new but its still a good entertainment. Besides two or three songs (especially we dont talk about bruno and dos uruguitas) i didnt find them very enjoyable. What is remarkable is the fact that all the characters are different (physically speaking) with different body types and features which is rare in a disney movie (frozen i see you).

  • Written by couvent on 18.09.2022

    I watched this movie like a hundred times when i was a kid, and it still amazes me. The designs of the characters are very cool and match the story completely (the Genie is maybe the best character, his jokes are very well written and truly appreciable when you are an adult). The backgrounds on the other hand are kind of forgottable, not the best looking ones from a disney movie (for example Sleeping Beauty is a masterpiece) however the palace is very memorable.
    The songs are all amazing and I’m sure everybody remembers them years after seeing the movie.
    Jafar is a very charismatic villain, with Iago as the funny sidekick.

  • Written by couvent on 18.09.2022

    The best Dreamworks movie in my opinion. Even it is based on the Bible and strongly religion oriented, everyone can enjoy it.
    The animation is on point.
    The opening song and The Plagues are both very chilling and give me goosebumps everytime. The rest of the soundtrack is made by Hans Zimmer, a giant in his field.
    The shots are so well put together and very inspiring to be honest! Very cool ideas especially during the song Playing with the big boys, which used to frighten me as a kid.
    Very good movie, would recommend 100%.

  • Written by couvent on 19.09.2022

    This is such a French cult classic movie.
    All of the cast (Alain Chabat, Christian Clavier, Jamel Debbouze, Gérard Depardieu, Gérard Darmon…) is amazing, and Monica Bellucci’s costumes are iconic. If you’re looking for a fun, absurd and heart warming comedy you’ve found the perfect movie. The jokes are well written and are even funnier when you’re an adult (although the movie is for all the family)
    The movie became such a thing in France that you can quote it to anyone and they will recognize it.

  • Written by couvent on 24.09.2022

    This movie might be my favorite ever!
    David Fincher manages to build an atmosphere full of tension and quite dark, with a recurrent yellow scheme. The acting is on point, with Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kevin Spacey.
    I've seen this movie so many times but it never fails to make me anxious and worrying about the characters.
    The opening credits are so chilling, with a great music by Nine Inch Nails. I just love how creative these are and how it sets the atmosphere for the rest of the film (like the Vertigo opening credits by Saul Bass for instance).
    The movie stroke me the first time I saw it, and it continues to do so even though I know the ending. I would really recommend to watch it if you like thrillers with major plot twists !

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