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  • Written by HAL9000 on 22.03.2018

    One of the three biggest Sergio Leone westerns with Clint Eastwood, where two competitive bounty hunters (Clint Eastwood & Lee van Cleef) team up against a notorious group of bank robbers, all already wanted by the police.
    The plot is all about (the lack of) mutual trust in how to cooperate in their quest and how to split the earnings (following from estimated bounty rewards, if successful).

    An incredible display of power play between egos enables an impressive atmosphere, making the movie both enjoyable for the story and all around it.

  • The Room — for The Room
    Written by HAL9000 on 23.03.2018

    [[ Contains slight spoiler-ish information ]]
    Often called "The Citizen Kane of bad movies". The story evolves around the apartment of Johnny and Lisa, their interaction with the continuous flow of friends and family visiting them, and a range of completely unrelated events and conversations. Events seem to change Johnny's life from being a very happy and seemingly successful banker into a steady flow of disappointment and victimhood.

    The Room was originally meant to be a serious movie, with Tommy WIseau intending it to be impressive drama. His lack of understanding of how movies are (to be) made, and quite likely, his lack of basic understanding on many social interaction and human emotions.
    As the book and film called "The Disaster Artist" describe in detail, the perspective on life of Tommy Wiseau has resulted in a hilariously but nonsensical script, weird dialogue that just doesn't seem to fit anywhere, very weird choices in all parts of directing and producing a film, and all this on a set that leaves a lot of room for questions :-)

    The Room is hilariously bad, and if you're into bad movies, an experience that'll stay with you for a very long time.

    May the spoon be with you!

  • Written by HAL9000 on 23.03.2018

    The Florida Project follows the lives of a few people and apartments, all surrounding the 6 year old girl Moonee. Raised in a white trash environment, not too far away from Disney World, the free spirited child enjoys the spoils of life, while together with her mother and playing with children around her, she leaves her mark on the people around them.

    Willem Dafoe plays the caretaker of the motel it all takes place, whose patience is tested to its limits. Each character experiences their own hardship in the story though.

  • Written by HAL9000 on 26.03.2018


    The Killing of a Sacred Deer follows the life of a surgeon, his wife, daughter and son change slowly, due to the care and support the surgeon offers to a boy in the neighborhood.

    At first the surgeon and boy only meet once every while, but soon after the contact increases, expensive gifts are exchanged, and conversations have become more personal, a more sinister tone comes into play.
    After the comfortable and successful lives of the surgeon's family already is in decline, and fear it will only get worse increases, it becomes clear that the boy's motive is revenge for a death that has occurred on the operating table.

    The boy seems to be at least one step ahead of attempts to regain control of the situation, and lets the family slide into a horrifying nightmare.

  • Written by HAL9000 on 28.03.2018


    If you haven't seen the film "The Room" ( see, this movie makes a whole lot less sense.

    The film The Room is notoriously bad, known as "the Citizen Kane of bad movies", and for good reasons. These reasons are greatly illustrated in the film The Disaster Artist, in which Tommy Wiseau, being the main star, the producer, the director, the script writer and cause of a lot of unimaginably weird social behaviour, shows his process of really really wanting to become a Hollywood star.
    As his struggle to be accepted as a noteworthy talent and become an actor doesn't even seem to be willing to take the first step, after a while, he decides to make his own film, and to do everything himself. This is what resulted in the film The Room.

    The amount of absurdity could be put in words, but you're not likely to believe it when you just read it... so see The Room first, and then watch The Disaster Artist. I promise you, if you appreciate any form of weirdness and/or any form of B-movies, this will be a unique ride!

    The book was written by Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell. Greg Sestero met with Tommy got to know him from well before the whole Hollywood story began. Thanks to their shared experiences, clashes and much more, they helped each to not give up on their shared dreams, resulting in The Room.

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