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The Disaster Artist (2017)

The Disaster Artist — Written by HAL9000 on 28.03.2018


If you haven't seen the film "The Room" ( see, this movie makes a whole lot less sense.

The film The Room is notoriously bad, known as "the Citizen Kane of bad movies", and for good reasons. These reasons are greatly illustrated in the film The Disaster Artist, in which Tommy Wiseau, being the main star, the producer, the director, the script writer and cause of a lot of unimaginably weird social behaviour, shows his process of really really wanting to become a Hollywood star.
As his struggle to be accepted as a noteworthy talent and become an actor doesn't even seem to be willing to take the first step, after a while, he decides to make his own film, and to do everything himself. This is what resulted in the film The Room.

The amount of absurdity could be put in words, but you're not likely to believe it when you just read it... so see The Room first, and then watch The Disaster Artist. I promise you, if you appreciate any form of weirdness and/or any form of B-movies, this will be a unique ride!

The book was written by Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell. Greg Sestero met with Tommy got to know him from well before the whole Hollywood story began. Thanks to their shared experiences, clashes and much more, they helped each to not give up on their shared dreams, resulting in The Room.

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