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Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

The Sound and the Fury! — Written by lezard on 04.11.2019

Fed up with the current trendy habit of series and numbers (Star Wars 5,6,7..32.../Spiderman, Ironman, Batman, Superman (did I forget one?)2,3,4 etc..) I expected nothing special from Mad Max 4. Just another sequel, before (why not?) a prequel.
I was wrong. Mad Max is everything a blockbuster isn't: inventive, entertaining, visually rewarding, poetic and unexpected.
It starts full speed and keeps accelerating. The plot is simple but not simplistic, the actors well cast and perfect. It is a road movie, a western, a kind of «Stagecoach goes to Hell!». The soundtrack is absolutely deafening and exciting. The different settings are worth a sight. The battle scenes look like fantastic ballets.
To cut a long story short: I had never seen this before! George Miller has totally renewed his own creation.
Moreover, as Hitchcock used to say:«The worse the bad guy, the better the movie.» ? But seriously, who's really afraid of Colossus or the Joker? except 6-year-olds? In Fury Road the villains are really scary. This kind of sadistic, insane fanatics who thrive on dying while killing people ring a bell which recently tolled too often.
In the end, the lonesome cowboy rides away in the sunset. Hit the road once more, Max!

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