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Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Reboot of Mad Max's film — Written by chrissnow on 23.02.2018

Reboot of Mad Max's film cycle with Mel Gibson, even if the facts told seem to be related to previous films (of which I have little memory, but I was not impressed).
The film is set in a post-apocalyptic future; the first part is crazy enough, with crazy and out-of-line characters (Max himself is tormented by visions of the past in which he failed to save his family). Max is practically the blood supply of the Son of War Nux, and most of the first part is attached to the hood of the car.
Bad sound, the speech of Immortan Joe to the people I struggled to follow him.
The film improves in the second part with the escape of Furiosa with the young brides and the pursuit by the subjects of Immortan Joe.
I struggled a bit to settle in the world of Mad Max, then slowly the film is a little grown reaching the sufficiency.
I will have to review the original in order to express a more complete judgment.
In the cast to quote Tom Hardy in the role of Max (quite taciturn), Charlize Theron in those of furious, the former model now launched in the cinema Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (is the pregnant bride) also seen in Transformers 3, Zoe Kravitz (the daughter of Lenny, another of the Mothers, seen in the saga of Divergent) and Nicholas Hoult who after the zombie of Warm Bodies plays another particular character (is the son of War, Nux).
There is also Megan Gale, whose first appearance shows her how Mum did it.

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