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My Childhood (1972)

Braveheart — Written by lezard on 03.09.2014

The story? the title says it all: a moment of the author's childhood.
The dialogues? Hardly any.
The action? Mostly surviving.
The setting? Scotland
The result? Beyond words.

Either you feel it like a punch in your stomach or you don't and you look away, bored. Period.

You reach here the bare bone of filming and story-telling. But if you can just watch, the cold wind will bite your skin, you'll be hungry and mute with awe and anger. You'll reach the unbreakable core of childhood, the diamond coal that warms up frozen black nights while everybody looks elsewhere.

The pure magic of cinema.

Emotion. Not feelings, not sentiments, not sadness nor love. Emotion, rid of the shell of whatever is inessential.

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