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The Lion King (1994)

Hakuna matata! — Written by Tienlee on 30.12.2012

"Lion King" was the beginning of my adventure with motion picture. Its influence on my life was irreversible. I don’t regret it because I learned that the cinema is a magical place.

Simba was a young lion, son of King Mustapha, and the heir to the throne. His cunning and greedy uncle, Scar, decided to kill Mustapha in order to take over the throne. Simba manages to escape. On his way he meets two faithful companions; a meerkatTimon, and a warthog Pumbaa. They instantly become friends. The time passes by and the past is revived.

"Lion King" is without any doubt one of the best animated pictures in the history of cinema. It’s not a mere fairy tale, it’s a filmed poetry for the youngest. Poetry which is comprehensible and clear, containing the whole truth about life at the same time.

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