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Supersonic Saucer (1956)

E.T. 25 years before E.T. !! — Written by RDPL55 on 28.03.2010

The story : A cute little venusian alien (who can transform himself in saucer) get lost on Earth. Luckily, two little girls adopt him and name him Meba. The two little girls have to stay at school during holidays with the son of the director and his mom and dad. Meba wants to recover a bit before flying back to Venus, during that time the children will care on him. But some burglars want to commit hold-up in the school and finally they kidnap Meba… The children will save him and he will fly back to Venus…
Comments : This small movie has been made for children in the 50’s. It is without any pretention but is worth of watching… The young actors are good and the story is fun. But it’s interest is that you cannot imagine that Steven Spielberg didn’t watch it when he was a kid! It looks too much like E.T. Examples: The size and the look of Meba, with his big tender rolling eyes… Meba although communicates with telepathy with the children… the scene with the dog, the scene when the children put a sweet-shirt to Meba when he’s cold, when they drive with him on the bicycle, when Meba uses the phone to call the police…and so on. It’s completely incredible. There are too many coincidences… But nowhere Spielberg mentions this movie… Strange… "E.T." plagiarism of "Supersonic Saucer" incredible but certainly true.. ?? Indeed this low budget movie is more touching you more than the big one...

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