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Inglourious Basterds (2009)

Enjoyable, but certainly no Pulp Fiction — Written by LaDiDa on 02.12.2009

I was mostly disappointed about the chance Tarantino missed to make a great trashy WW2 action movie with great oneliners.
My biggest criticism is the overall length of the movie versus the lack of pace/action. It would have been a great movie if most scenes would have been shorter, and the tempo quicker. The scene in the basement bar was too long. Although each scene by itself is great, and has great lines, putting all of them in the movie ruins the "suspense arc", if you will excuse my nederenglish. The long opening scene is a great buildup, it establishes the archvillain of the movie, but then Tarantino tries the same trick again and again, with less important characters in other long scenes that are not as important for the story and slow the movie down. Tarantino should have killed some of his darlings, and have saved them as bonus scenes for a deluxe dvd release. But he liked listening to his own bullshit too much (and he does bullshit very well), and kept it all in.
But because I have a soft spot for Tarantino I'll give it a 7 out of 10, any other director would have gotten 6 out of 10. Enjoyable, but certainly no Pulp Fiction.

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