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Inglourious Basterds (2009)

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  • Written by deleted user on 11.02.2010

    Quentin Tarantino's new film, like all of his other works, subject to ferocious debate over why it's not Pulp Fiction is a highly enjoyable, violence-filled blockbuster that surprises the viewer with highly sophisticated dialogues and extraordinary actors.

    The movie starts with an interrogation of a French farmer, believed to hide persecuted Jews on his property, carried out by SS-Officer Hans Landa, played by Christof Waltz. Landa persuades the farmer to betray the ones he safeguards and seals their fate. One girl manages to escape and plans her revenge.
    The Inglourious Basterds are introduced in the next scene, a US Army die-hard task force, bent on killing as many Nazis as they can, making no distinction between common soldiers and war-criminals.

    The downside of the movie is that it puts too much emphasis on lenghty dialogues and the different storylines, bent on converging, appear to compete for their own importance, so that the supposed main-attraction of the Basterds becomes stranded on the side-line only to re-emerge for the grand finale.

    After describing its shortcomings, it's time to focus on what makes the movie worth watching:
    The actors, Christof Waltz in particular, come across as highly credible and their dialogues, lenghty but intelligent, become the main-attraction of the movie. Tarantino impresses with innovative SFX, camera-angles and his trademark gory scenes.

    If you want to see Pulp Fiction, watch Pulp Fiction! Don't make the mistake of comparing Inglourious Basterds to it though. Tarantino, unlike other directors stays true to his style without copying himself, which clearly distinguishes him from most of Hollywood.

    Forget you have ever seen Pulp Fiction and you will enjoy Inglourious Basterds!

  • Written by LaDiDa on 02.12.2009

    I was mostly disappointed about the chance Tarantino missed to make a great trashy WW2 action movie with great oneliners.
    My biggest criticism is the overall length of the movie versus the lack of pace/action. It would have been a great movie if most scenes would have been shorter, and the tempo quicker. The scene in the basement bar was too long. Although each scene by itself is great, and has great lines, putting all of them in the movie ruins the "suspense arc", if you will excuse my nederenglish. The long opening scene is a great buildup, it establishes the archvillain of the movie, but then Tarantino tries the same trick again and again, with less important characters in other long scenes that are not as important for the story and slow the movie down. Tarantino should have killed some of his darlings, and have saved them as bonus scenes for a deluxe dvd release. But he liked listening to his own bullshit too much (and he does bullshit very well), and kept it all in.
    But because I have a soft spot for Tarantino I'll give it a 7 out of 10, any other director would have gotten 6 out of 10. Enjoyable, but certainly no Pulp Fiction.

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