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Aladdin (1992)

Alladin -1992- Simpler times — Written by bueno on 21.11.2009

I grew up with this it´s only right for it to be my first review over here right?

This movie has really great colors, and scenes for the year that was made in (1992), and I belive that these days kids don´t even like those simple cartoons enymore... Wich is way to bad if you ask me...
(Ok... the review continues here... :D)

The movie has all the mystical elements that make a GREAT story if you ask me... I mean... it has the cute romantic part of it (jasmin and aladin), the poor guy and princess story, it has talking animals (and really funny ones), the Bad guys, it has an AMAZING genious that in my opinion is the most funny element of the movie.... It even has a magic carpet....that flies in when alladin needs it or whistle, wich is very handy sometimes :D (what...don´t You want one?)

One of the best movies of the year.

It´s totally woth going back to the beggining where everything wasnt digital and superproduced..... Where it simply was a good enterterniment fot the hole family...

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