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The Last Boy Scout (1991)

You touch me again, I´ll kill ya! — Written by hodder on 05.11.2009

Private investigator Joseph C. Hallenbeck reluctantly teams up with ex NFL football pro Jimmy Dix to investigate the murder of Dix´s girlfriend Corey. Along the way they stumble upon a conspiracy to bribe US Senators. L.A. Stallions owner Sheldon Marcone is afraid of the downfall of professional football. To make it more attractive to the audience he intends to legalize gambling. Therefore he buys Senators´ votes or tries to kill those who greedily demand too much money. Unfortunately he has not counted on the Dynamic Duo Hallenbeck/Dix who completely ruin his plans.

Probably one of the best pieces of work from director Tony Scott. Excellent action sequences, nice shootouts and quite funny dialogue. Bruce Willis is awesome, Hallenbeck is the kind of character Willis was made for. He could easily be mistaken for some well-known NY cop named Mclane. Same cynical attitude, equally high body count and a broken marriage. Sometimes you might think this was a cigarette commercial. Hallenbeck is constantly smoking while killing a whole lot of bad guys. Yet this being the early 90´s it is still cool to smoke. Just as it is not important if it´s politically correct to kill people first and ask questions later. Hallenbeck gives a damn!
The Last Boy Scout is a great movie, one of my all-time favorites. If you liked the Die Hard films you will for sure love this one. Haven´t seen it? - Go see it!

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