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The Last Boy Scout(1991)

  • Genre:
    • Comedy
    • Thriller
    • Action
  • Director:
    • Tony Scott

Joe Hallenbeck is a burned-out detective. Jimmy Dix is an ex-LA Stallions player. Hallenbeck was hired to protect a stripper named Cory. Dix is Cory's boyfriend. When Cory is executed during a drive-by shooting, both Hallenbeck and Dix try to get to the bottom of the case.


Written by hodder on 05.11.2009

Private investigator Joseph C. Hallenbeck reluctantly teams up with ex NFL football pro Jimmy Dix to investigate the murder of Dix´s girlfriend Corey. Along the way they stumble upon a conspiracy to bribe US Senators. L.A. Stallions owner Sheldon Marcone is afraid of the downfall of professional foo

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