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Rope (1948)

A classic ! — Written by couvent on 01.10.2022

Rope is a movie about two young men, played by Farley Granger and Jon Dall, who kill a man for the chills and the pleasure of committing the perfect murder. They hide the body in a chest and invite all their friends to a diner. The tension is huge and the two characters are living the situation very differently : one is excited and enjoying teasing the guests, the other gets drunk to forget and is extremely awkward.
This movie is very famous for being a sequence shot (with a few cuts very noticeable though). The atmosphere is even more tense as it is a behind closed door movie, and everything happens in one night. I love how you get involved with one of the character and the other one becomes quickly hateable.
I highly recommend this movie if you’re a Hitchcock and thriller lover!

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