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Oldeuboi (2003)

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  • Written by Fux on 29.05.2009

    Imagine fellow-wtm-friend:
    You were kidnapped and imprisoned in a small explanation...just you and an old television. That is what happened to Oh DaeSu (ok, ok he didn´t know wtm). Fighting the loneliness and the madness he starts training his mind and his body. He has to escape ...has to find out why he is imprisoned....has to take revenge.
    After 15 long years he finally is released and has his chance to search for answers, but what he´ll find isn´t what he expected...
    His future lies within his past.

    The story is based on a manga, but goes quite a different direction than the original and shows a unique story with great charakters. Beautiful pictures / stills highlighted with a great soundtrack.
    It surely is no movie to watch while solving wtm, however you´ll be rewarded with a great piece of art.

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