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A Room with a View(1985)

  • Genre:
    • Drama
    • Romance
  • Director:
    • James Ivory

Lucy Honeychurch, a young Englishwoman, makes her first visit to Florence, Italy in the early 1900's. There, she meets a quiet yet eccentric young man named George Emerson. Upon her return to England, Lucy must decide whether to follow through with her marriage to her stotic fiance, Cecil, or follow her heart and her growing attraction to George.


Written by couvent on 25.09.2022

A room with a view is such a funny comedy. The english good society is depicted with such a biting way. Yet you can feel the love of the director for the eccentricity of some of characters. But its even more than that, the movie is a critic of conventions and rigidity of the society. One scene is pa

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