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  • Written by lovelyT on 01.03.2010

    I watched this movie yesterday, after a longer period of decision making and reflecting upon it. And, what a revelation!!!! This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. From its first minute, the movie draws you into its magical parts and dream-like setting.

    It is even not that important to write about the movie's plot, because it is so complicated to describe it on one piece of paper. The main thing is to keep your eyes wide open and keep track of all the changes in the movie, from reality to imagination (dreams), so to understand it in the end.

    The movie begins when a big nosed creature with a black cloak kidnaps a little girl in her dreams, in order to bring her to the Incubi, creatures who bring nightmares. He is then being followed by a group of people responsible for nice dreams. In the meantime, we discover the outer world, following the sad story about the little girl's father and their family and slowly start to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together.

    When deciding to watch this movie, leave all your expectations behind, don't think about it and just allow it to take you into this world of dreams, full of bright colours on one side and mean, threatening pictures on the other. It is a journey to another dimension which will force you to reflect on your decisions and make you think twice on something you would do.

    I recommend this movie to everyone who likes indie movies, with a great story and a superb cinematography and everyone who isn't afraid to question his/her deeds and decisions.


  • Written by lovelyT on 02.03.2010

    I want you! I want you so bad!

    Who wants whom? In Julie Taymor's ode to the Beatles in Across the Universe everyone wants something... But first and most of all they want love. That's what the last song in the movie before the credits tells us.

    Settled in England, USA and Vietnam in the 60-s, this is a movie about love, freedom and human's will to make a statement and to leave a mark in the world. It tells the story about 6 friends, all with different stories, who want to be accepted and loved. Jude, Lucy, Max and their friends share their dreams, believes and love in the great city of New York. Told through a vast number of Beatles' unforgettable songs ( The Girl, Across the Universe, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Helter Skelter, Hey Jude, Don't Let me Down etc.), this movie gives you the experience you won't soon forget.

    From its beginning, when we find out what the movie really is about, till the end when we all cheer for this love, we are enchanted by the story. There wasn't a single moment in the movie (for me) where I thought: "Ok, this wasn't necessary or they could have done it much better." I simply enjoyed good music (sang by great actors who proved to be great singers - Jim Sturgess, Evan Rachel Wood and others), marveled the beautiful scenery (full of memorable images, metaphors, especially the part with strawberries and the circus) and allowed myself to be transferred to that time.

    Across the Universe is a harsh, sad story, but the story which leaves us some hope in the end, giving a somewhat different view of the period than a similar story told 30 years ago (a masterpiece by Milos Forman - Hair).

    All my loving to Across the Universe!!!


  • Written by lovelyT on 09.04.2010

    There are times when people ask themselves, what is my purpose, why am I alive, what's my role here on Earth? We often ponder over meaningless things and situations or try to dig deep and reflect upon the most difficult questions about our existence.
    But small things are the ones that make our lives worthy and interesting. Because when we find a meaning in them, then they are not small anymore.

    The last cartoon I've seen was Mary and Max, a beautiful, warm-hearted story which completely differs from the cartoons we are used to these last years. The plot revolves around two people, a middle aged New Yorker Max and Mary, a little girl from Australia who become pen friends. They start to write to each other and slowly become best friends, chatting about most common issues, such as chocolate, babies or their favourite cartoon figures. The story is so well written and told that the viewer can't help but being dragged into their world and start feeling compassion for their sad and "meaningless" lives.

    Sad and meaningless at first. But as the story unfolds its beauty, step by step we start to understand its purpose and the whole meaning of the cartoon. Through a vast number of funny and humorous situations, crazy and witty characters and their flaws/virtues and above all, a perfectly written scenario, we begin to understand what life is all about. It's about compassion, warmness, beauty (but that inner beauty which we often neglect) and mostly love. All of these things are hidden among those little things that make our life worth living. It is only the matter of time we figure it out and start living, because sometimes it might be too late.


  • Written by lovelyT on 12.04.2010

    Well, how to begin. What do I think about this movie? Not much actually. I'm somewhere in between. I've seen the remake about 3 years ago and decided to give this one a go.

    The movie plot is pretty simple. A young guy travels from Chicago to California, driving an expensive car that he must deliver to the real owners. He stops to pick up a hitcher in the middle of the night to keep him company. And that's when it all begins. I won't be more specific because I would spoil the whole fun, which, to be honest, is present throughout some parts of the movie.

    The plot is not bad, it has some bright moments, but certain parts of the movie were really unnecessary and hard to believe. The viewers get involved in the story because it is something that might happen to all of us every day. But the action part of the movie unfortunately prevails over its thriller part and what we get in the end is the game of cat and mouse, where the cat is just too omnipresent and all-knowing that sometimes we get irritated and start to ask ourselves, when will it all be over? On screen and in front of it.

    The bright part of the movie is Rutger Hauer, who was the perfect choice for the hitcher, with his cold eyes and a face with no emotions. He maybe spoke 10 sentences in the movie, but it was his expression what gave me the tingles and allowed me to rate this movie with a 6.

    All in all, this isn't a bad movie, but it lacks credibility and that interesting twist that someone might expect. This is a sunday afternoon/evening movie, a movie which will force you to think twice before making a certain decision.


  • Written by lovelyT on 12.04.2010

    Have I liked this movie when I saw it 3 months ago? Yes I have. But now, after giving it some thought , I love it.

    This movie had such a strong effect on me that I don't know which segment to start with. Should I write about its setting and scenery, or its sick and morbid story, or the wonderful interpretations given by one of the best actors of the last two decades (Jeff Bridges) and a beautiful young female revelation (Jodelle Ferland) who made one of the best performances by a young actor in ages?

    I'll start with the story. It is so complex and confusing, but I will simplify it as much as possible, without giving out too much. The story is about a little girl and her junkie father, who after a tragedy in their family decide to move to his childhood house in the prairies. There, the little girl, whose only friends are 4 doll heads, meets a weird woman dressed in black and builds a special relationship with her retarded brother. With him and her doll friends, she travels to her imaginary world where these heads speak, where squirrels converse with humans, where she and her friend drive a submarine and play a dangerous game with dynamites. It was that imaginary world which helped her retain her innocence and naivete. Without it, she would simply be an another child lost in grown-ups sick and malfunctioned world.

    The movie abounds by metaphors and motives which represent the decadence and rottenness of their world, situations and relationships. I will mention only few - pumpkins, doll heads, embalmed bodies and many more. All of them give the viewers that feeling of unease and awaken certain questions which partly get answered at the end.

    The performances in this movie are its best part. They were so powerful and sincere, as if the actors haven't acted at all. Jeff Bridges, although present in 1/4 of the movie once again proved to be one of the best actors in Hollywood. Two supporting roles (brother and sister) were also masterfully played and they portrayed two sinister persons, without a purpose in life. But the one who stole the movie, was Jodelle Ferland, the leading actress who carried the whole movie by herself. Her performance was at times so scary that she seemed a grown woman trapped in a child's body. She gave her voice to all of her dolls, using different accents with such ease that many older, acclaimed actresses should learn from her.

    Terry Gilliam is the master of weirdness and this movie just proves that he is one of the greatest visionaries in Hollywood, who combines reality and fantasy into a blend which you won't soon forget.


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