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  • Written by isabelahahahaha on 30.05.2011

    The movie it's a biography of spiritual medium and author Francisco Candido Xavier. On a journey filled with flashbacks, covers the key moments of his biography and, unlike what can be noticed in some reviews, not a polemic but sympathizes with the man who has devoted most of his life to helping people and communicate with the dead.
    Chico Xavier tells the story of a legendary TV show called 70 years of "Pinga Fogo", where the medium has appeared before artists, journalists, pastors, among others. The program should have one hour, yielded three hours of programming from the old TV Tupi.
    To an atheist, it is difficult to say that a work "evangelizing"is really good, but it is by human nature or the technical superiority, I think Chico Xavier deserves to be watched.

  • Written by isabelahahahaha on 23.03.2014

    Os Normais 2 - A Noite Mais Maluca de Todas (So Normal, in a few countries) disappoints.

    The movie begins with the couple Rui (Luiz Fernando Guimarães) and Vani (Fernanda Torres). After another traditional discussions between them, Vani goes to the bathroom. There, she draws a graph in the mirror that confronts years of a relationship with the number of times that the couple had sex. The conclusion along with the other women who were there: after 13 years together with Rui, she is very close to reaching the zero-sex! In the car, driving home, she suggests a ménage-à-trois.

    But don't expect any kind of eroticism, they are there to make people have fun. Some smart jokes would definitely welcome. With its 75 minutes and many scenes in a dispensable nothing cohesive script, the film could easily be turned into a couple of episodes of the original television series. Not surpasses the first film, which in my opinion is much more intelligent, well done and funny.

  • Written by isabelahahahaha on 24.03.2014

    The director Wong Kar Wai, as well as many other directors, has trademarks. From this point, it is easy to know that the film will bring a great soundtrack, a gorgeous art direction and costumes and some historical element.

    Yip Man (Yi dai zong shi) is exactly like that. The story is the biography of the remarkable Kung Fu master who trained Bruce Lee. At the same time, a social movie for bringing the history of China during the twentieth century.

    It is undoubtedly one of the best biographies of Yip Man. In my opinion, does't overcome "Yip Man" (2008).

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