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  • Written by ebenezum on 29.05.2009

    This movie shows what life would be like if the Russians won a war against us.

    The only people left would be mutants and rockers. The rockers didn't mutate because they're just way to awesome for that to happen!

    Six-String Samurai follows the story of Buddy on his quest to claim his rightful throne as the King of Las Vegas now that Elvis, the last King, has died. Buddy is not alone on this quest, nor is he the only one attempting it.

    Of all his rivals, Death himself and his Heavy Metal will be the hardest to defeat.

    This may very well be the best movie I've ever seen for which any explanation will make it sound like the worst movie ever. You should see this movie unless you're allergic to awesomeness, in which case you should take some meds and then see this movie.

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