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  • Written by checknorisk on 18.09.2011

    filmed with a pitiful budget, Devil Story is the first and only french slasher taking place in normandy.

    Travelling from Florida in a Mercedes, a couple bursts a tire near a small Normandy town. After being attacked by a black cat, they find a shelter in the Benedictine palace in Fécamp.
    Their presence will awaken a mummy, hidden in a bottomless coffin, lying in a phantom ship itself burried in a cliff...
    will the hunter succeed in killing the black horse?
    who is really the black cat?
    why is the monster wearing a SS uniform jacket?
    is his second victim a girl or a boy?

    don't even hope to get the answers by watching this surprising movie, just let your mind absorb the pictures like a sponge in a bucket, you'll live an experience you could compare to a David Lynch movie if you were drunk.

    not really supposed to be funny, this authentic slasher provokes laughter when comparing the result (as can be seen) to the ambitions of the director (we can only guess)

    now available on DVD, thanks to the stubbornness of a small editing company :

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