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  • Written by Winterwolf on 19.11.2010

    The Brandner Kaspar (Franz Xaver Kroetz), a widowed gunsmith, lives in the middle of the 19th Century with his granddaughter, Nannerl (Lisa Maria Potthoff) in the mountains near Schliersee. With the young Toni (Peter Ketnath), which court Nannerl, he makes better income through poaching. Shortly before his seventieth birthday, he visited by the grim reaper (Michael Bully Herbig), and will take with him into heaven. The crafty Kaspar makes the uninvited guest drunk and cheats him with Kerschgeist (alcohol) then playing cards, thus that he won further to life 20 years more until his 90th birthday, like his grandfather.

    But he soon realizes that the increasing life expectancy also have their drawbacks. In the meanwhile in heaven they noticed the missing of Brandner Kaspar and the Grim Reaper got Trouble with his Boss, because the history of the earth is falling apart. Because he not died as foreseen, this house cant be selled as foreseen to a noble tourist, which will be a great change of the history of earth So he was send back to earth to mend his mistake. When Nannerl dies at a hunting accident, the Brandner Kaspar finally accepts the offer of the Grim Reaper to take a look to heaven and decide to stay in heaven or go back to earth. He sees in heaven his wife and daughter (and his dog!) and is rethinking his earthly existence, and finally decided for the Bavarian heaven and the history can go on as usual.

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