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  • Written by Sara on 05.06.2009

    Granted, it's a chick flick so all prejudices apply: The story's lugged in, there are some funny side-kicks and the ending is somewhat predictable.
    The story in a nutshell: An ageing Modern-Talking-like singer with his high times in the 80s (but never really successful as solo act since) gets the chance for a comeback by composing a duet for today's teen star within three days. He's desperately in need of a lyricist and the clumsy girl watering his plants to death just happens to be the best one for the job ... and more. So there you go.
    BUT: It's the first time I got the impression Hugh Grant's grown up. He doesn't take himself too seriously anymore and is not just working the I'm-a-great-guy-because-I've-got-dimples-when-I-smile attitude - as if he'd accepted his womanizer days have passed and now the fun begins.
    The chemistry between him and Drew Barrymore could have been more convincing. Drew, however, is a sweet girl and can make up for it.
    And the most important BUT: This movie has the best opening and end credits I've ever seen. They're hilarious! The beginning had my friend and me crying with laughter for at least ten minutes (as a result a third friend won't join us for cinema anymore). It recreates the music and style from 25 years ago perfectly. Of course, as the title suggests, one can expect a great soundtrack, too. But it's nothing without the video sequences - just check them out!

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