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  • Written by Pisluck on 30.04.2020

    This is the second movie of Tsui Hark and already an incredible one.
    From the insane "Chaos trilogy", after "Butterfly Murders" (1979) and before "L'enfer des armes - Don't play with fire / Dangerous Encounter - First Kind" (1980), this Wu Xia Pian (sword fight movie) put scene in the middle of the China country side, in a verry special village. A inspector is looking after the notorious bandit "Rolex" and he is about to find more of what is looking for.
    A cannibal village.
    Mixture of comedy, gore and kung-fu fights, this o.v.n.i. (u.f.o.),
    offers wonderful ludacris fight scenes.
    At one point, the agent 999 rolling a cigaret on the head of a cannibal trying to kill him with a butcher knife, epic s***.
    The actoring is a little over-played, but bearable in this movie genre. The cannibal's scenes are pretty soft for present time, but noticing some animal cruelty moments, like in all three movies of the trilogy. Butterfly are smuched in the first, chicken cooked alive in the second and mouses pined alive in the third, (and i forget the "flying cat"). Remains of a time where killing animals for a motion picture was "ok".
    Just finished watchind the trilogy, no need to watched' em in a special order. This "Cannibals Stories" is my personnal favorite, perfect balance of fighting, (not too acrobatic), humor, and soft gore action for a precious spectator like myself.
    Noticing a heart-beatting scene 4 years before Indiana Jones... coincidence? Tin... tin... tin. (Dramatic suspens sound)
    I recommand it for all movie fans, not only for this genre fans. Some action is worthy of your time, 85' of fun and absurdity.

    I hope this review was readable, sorry for the bad grammar and misspeling, this was my first... be gentle.

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