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  • Written by DemTuppesSeine on 22.05.2019

    The story is easily told: Fiver, a young rabbit, has visions of some terrible events that are going to threaten the lives of all the rabbits in the area. But those in command don't believe him, so Fiver, his brother Hazel and a few others leave on their own to find a new place to live. Their journey is full of dangerous moments, but the biggest threat comes from their own kind: the Efrafa tribe with their general Woundwort…

    I first watched this movie at quite a young age...and it gave me nightmares.
    For an animated movie that could easily pass as a children's movie judging from e.g. the DVD cover, there is quite a lot of blood, violence and death - and it doesn't become less shocking because it's "just" animated. In addition to that, most of the movie happens at night, during bad weather or in dark rabbit holes, which adds to the general underlying feeling of threat. Children should not watch this movie on their own.
    But the atmosphere that is created really draws me in every time and even though I have seen it very often now, I still catch myself hoping that the rabbits will come out of this alive.

    The song "Bright Eyes" by Simon & Garfunkel is beautifully included in the movie. The sequence it is used in refers to the rabbit mythology, which is introduced at the very beginning.

    I recommend this movie to everyone who loves animated movies with dark storylines.

    PS: The novel this movie is based on was written by Richard Adams. I really also recommend reading it if you love novels that give you chills.

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