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  • Written by Chrisy on 30.12.2009

    I could recommend hundreds of rare movies but this one is one of my favorite
    This rare Belgium movie is a pure enjoyment. A mix between Eraserhead (all Lynch lovers should watch it) and some other influences here and there. It is a sureal dark tale with a beautiful cinematography and a very strange story. The estetism is splendid and the music haunting. I advise you check out the trailer, this will give you an idea.
    Although IMDB doesn't indicate any dvd details, it does exists (amazon has it)
    And since IMDB also doesn't have any summary either, here it is

    "Inhabiting a pitch-black world where daylight lasts only 15 seconds, an obsessive entomologist haunted by memories of his dead sister comes home one day to find a gravely ill African woman waiting in his bed. Their connection leads to a series of sensual, nightmarish incidents that blur the divisions between the corporeal and dream worlds"

    Music from Anakrouze

  • Written by Chrisy on 30.12.2009

    Not easy to talk about this movie after the wonderful review of them00ch. He said it all. Great movie and a true classic for all Gilliam lovers and the others. A visionary and funny version of 1984 with stunning visuals true to Terry Gilliam talent. Some will say it's his best, I'd say maybe, Tideland is my personal favorite for its atmosphere but by no doubt Brazil is a true classic which you must watch if not done already
    It had to be on the first recommendation of WTM 2.5 :)

    Damn now I'm gona have this music in my head for the next day or two :)

  • Written by Chrisy on 24.01.2010

    Jan Svankmajer is a Czech surrealist animator known for his bizarre stop motion films
    Ever since I discovered this director with his very weird adaptation of Lewis Carroll's novel ("Alice"), I had to watch everything he's done. His work is just amazing, really nicely made, creative, full of humor and deep at the same time.
    Spiklenci slasti "Conspirators of Pleasure" is my favorite of his work and also one of my favorite movie all time. It's a satire of people's obsessions and fetishes of everyday people. Very funny movie but not made for been just funny, there is always a lot to think about with Jan Svankmajer's movies.
    Highly recommended, if you are open to a "different" cinema

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