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The Big Bang Theory (2007)

A list of the main charactes from The Big Bang Theory. You can write a short Description of your favourite Characters or upload some cool Stills.

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  • Sheldon Cooper

    A theoretical physicist researching quantum mechanics and string theory, he has two mas...

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  • Leonard Hofstadter

    An experimental physicist that shares an apartment with his colleague and friend Sheldo...

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  • Penny

    A waitress at the Cheesecake Factory that lives across the hall from Sheldon and Leonar...

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  • Howard Wolowitz

    A Jewish aerospace engineer that lives with his mother.

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  • Raj Koothrappali

    An Indian astrophysicist from New Delhi. He is friend with Howard, Leonard and Sheldon...

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  • Amy Farrah Fowler

    Sheldon's girlfriend.

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