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Monty Python's Flying Circus (1969)

A list of the main charactes from Monty Python's Flying Circus. You can write a short Description of your favourite Characters or upload some cool Stills.

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  • Arthur Pewtey

    A socially inept, extremely dull man who appears most notably in the "Argument Clinic", "M…

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  • The Reverend Arthur Belling

    The vicar of St Loony-Up-The-Cream-Bun-and-Jam. He is known for his bizarrely eccentric be…

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  • The "It's" man

    A Robinson Crusoe-type castaway with torn clothes and a long, unkempt beard who would appe…

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  • Announcer

    A BBC continuity announcer in a dinner jacket.

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  • The Knight with a Raw Chicken

    Who would hit characters over the head with the chicken when they said something particula…

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  • Mr. Badger

    A Scotsman whose specialty was interrupting sketches ("I won't ruin your sketch, for a pou…

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