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Firefly (2002)

A list of the main charactes from Firefly. You can write a short Description of your favourite Characters or upload some cool Stills.

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  • Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds

    Mal is the Captain of a Firefly class transport spaceship called Serenity (named after ...

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  • River Tam

    River Tam is the 17 year old genius sister of Dr. Simon Tam, both born into a very affl...

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  • Jayne Cobb

    He's the most cunning and ruthless member of the crew, and also the one least trusted.

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  • Inara Serra

    Inara is a professional, Alliance regulated companion (or as Captain Mal Reynolds likes...

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  • Dr. Simon Tam

    Dr. Simon Tam is ship physician on Serenity and the older Brother of River Tam. Simon c...

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  • Zoë Washburne

    Zoe Warren-Washburne is the First Officer and good right arm of Captain Mal Reynolds. S...

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