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  • Written by Mitsuhide on 21.07.2017

    Very good comedy with Russel Crowe and Ryan Gosling who happens to be a very funny actor. He plays a father a little loser. The cool and jazzy atmosphere of the 70s makes this movie very nice. It reminds of buddy movies like lethal weapon. One of the best films of 2016. The dtrsibution is excellent but it is well the tandem of main characters that sublime the film. The daughter of Ryan Gosling's character is also bringing a nice touch of innocence to the set. The writing of the film remains very appreciable and never pours into unnecessary pathos.

  • Written by Dejamort on 27.02.2017

    "Nocturnal Animals" proves us that Tom Ford makes up his cinema as he would make him with a garment! It is indeed the fashion design of the cinematographic art, both in its astonishing construction and in its accomplished and particularly looked aestheticism... It is almost a work of painter of which it is a question here, by shots, photos of incredible spaces, as well pure, contemporary and almost frozen inside which oppose magnificent raw landscapes of profound Texas. But all this is without taking into account this famous skillful scenario, which makes confront itself, and even crowd itself a violent and uncontrolled fiction in an orderly, orderly and moderate reality, the interaction of which becomes disturbing and mesmerizing!
    Pass of the one in the other one becomes almost an (experimen in ioneself, so much the echo of the novel has an impact on the reality which goes out of depth, which vacillates completely, what translates perfectly Amy Adam into more convincing, destabilized woman this time in gallery owner disenchanted, caught up by values that it refused and avoided from all part, formated in an artificial world... It is indeed, this novel writes by Edward her ex-husband, who will be with hindsight, an essential revelation for him... And moreover all the strength of the movie in David Lynch's influences, is very there!
    To paint the portrait of this man who reappears in his life, US Tom Ford of terribly ingenious mechanisms. He stages him through two characters, real and fictional among whom these two facets will ring with crash in Susan's life, like a game of the cat which manhandles its mouse. To do it, Jake Gyllenhaal is simply fabulous in a composition which goes of the total dejection to a raving and desperate madness, without forgetting Michael Shannon who in this mutual collection, accompanies him by putting off the track him in a incredible way! A very beautiful rather magic movie and in the multiple questions, which takes audacious and certain risks in to disrupt us, but here in the best sense of the word

  • Written by Fasojko on 01.11.2016

    I'm rating it 7 just because it was fun to watch the movie for the first hour or so. Otherwise I'd go for 5-6.

    This is my humble opinion only, as it over and over again proves my theory about the movies nowadays... The film industry today depends on remakes, prequels and sequels, comic adaptations and mindless creations made to make money, depending on marketing and special effects.

    The new Star Wars is unfortunately the part of that.

    It looks great, special effects and atmosphere are great. Specially atmosphere, gives you a real Star Wars feeling.

    On the other hand story is not that bad, but something chewed up hundreds of times before and predictable. Acting is OK, but OK only. Casting...oh my...Kylo Ren? I don't have anything against anyone, but Adam Driver would better suit Harry Potter movie with his appearance.

    Way how the characters are elaborated is not on a level that class such as Star Wars should have. Kylo Ren again? I mean Sith Lord who will have a nervous breakdown and destroy half of the room just because something went wrong? He should be calm and cool no matter what if you ask me. Sacrificing his "sith" just to make someone laugh?

    The #1 bad guy is named Snoke? Maybe Harry Potter movie set runaway again?

    And I just can't believe that episode 1 and 2 have 6.something rating while this has almost 9?? Marketing...

    But again, if you are looking for fun packed with special effects and bunch of action... this will indeed be a good pick to spend an evening with!

  • creepy — for Insidious
    Written by Fasojko on 31.10.2016

    I just ended watching this movie, and I would split it in two parts.

    1. From the beginning of the movie to last 20 minutes or so. Awesome, bone chilling, creepy, tense, unexpected, bone chilling again, amazing! Acting is great, music fits perfectly and reminds on old school horror and thriller movies (why there aren't more movies that use violin to create scary atmosphere?!). In one word little masterpiece filmed with rather small budged (congratulations Mr. Wan and crew!). In this part of the movie I decided to write the review, just to prolong the time to go to sleep.

    2. Last 20 minutes or so... In here all went down the drain, atmosphere and tensions that were so carefully built were ruined, or at least I felt like that. There are too much scenes and happenings which are unnecessary, and scary factor went away. But never mind, first part compensated it all.

    Seems that I don't need to prolong my sleeping time after all... Good night and enjoy one great and scary movie after all!

  • Written by Fasojko on 27.10.2016

    I am really wondering why is this movie rated so poorly. Yes, it isn't a movie which would be a surprise and something new. Season of the witch is a movie that will be just perfect for anyone who wants to fill his/her Saturday afternoon in warm couch with beer/hot tea and snacks.

    Atmosphere of the movie is really nice, I liked the factor of paranoia which slowly gets into minds of main characters. Movie tempo unwraps in best possible way, not too slow and not too fast, and it will keep you in the center of action and happenings all of the time. Pure fun in my opinion! Characters aren't elaborated to some detail levels, but just enough for you to like and know them. Music in the movie, I don't know was it something wrong with me, but now when I try to remember the music - I just can't! Was it because the music wasn't there, or it was really bad, or I was in a weird mood? Don't know!

    All in all a good movie with good tempo and plenty of fun, I would recommend it. Oh yes, and it has a cool little twist at the end, a bit naive and without much sense maybe, but I loved it since I didn't expect it.

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