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  • Written by chrissnow on 23.02.2018

    Reboot of Mad Max's film cycle with Mel Gibson, even if the facts told seem to be related to previous films (of which I have little memory, but I was not impressed).
    The film is set in a post-apocalyptic future; the first part is crazy enough, with crazy and out-of-line characters (Max himself is tormented by visions of the past in which he failed to save his family). Max is practically the blood supply of the Son of War Nux, and most of the first part is attached to the hood of the car.
    Bad sound, the speech of Immortan Joe to the people I struggled to follow him.
    The film improves in the second part with the escape of Furiosa with the young brides and the pursuit by the subjects of Immortan Joe.
    I struggled a bit to settle in the world of Mad Max, then slowly the film is a little grown reaching the sufficiency.
    I will have to review the original in order to express a more complete judgment.
    In the cast to quote Tom Hardy in the role of Max (quite taciturn), Charlize Theron in those of furious, the former model now launched in the cinema Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (is the pregnant bride) also seen in Transformers 3, Zoe Kravitz (the daughter of Lenny, another of the Mothers, seen in the saga of Divergent) and Nicholas Hoult who after the zombie of Warm Bodies plays another particular character (is the son of War, Nux).
    There is also Megan Gale, whose first appearance shows her how Mum did it.

  • Written by chrissnow on 21.02.2018

    Excellent film on the story of three African American women who, in the years of racial segregation, make their way into the Nasa.
    Katherine (Taraji P. Henson) is a brilliant math and together with her colleagues Dorothy (Octavia Spencer), unrecognized supervisor, and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monae), an aspiring engineer, work at NASA.
    We are in 1961, a racist and a bit of a bigot; they are three intelligent and ambitious African Americans and they will have to fight against prejudices (even or especially in a company like NASA) of their colleagues.
    Wonderful film that makes one turn up the nose on the abuses to which people of color were subjected; separate bathrooms, distinct water fountains and many other restrictions for African Americans. In addition there is the race to send the first man in the space between the US and Russia to be the background (but not too much) to the story.
    Katherine, with her great mathematical mind, will make a big contribution to the team involved in the first space flight captained by Al Harrison (Kevin Costner); he will have to fight with chief engineer Paul Stafford (Jim Parsons) who does not respect her at all. Instead Mary Jackson will have to struggle to win the right to become the first African-American engineer; with the arrival of the IBM 7090 computer it seems that for the color mathematics (which have a department in itself in the NASA) there is no more space but Dorothy sees it long and will start to study the programming language Fortran that will serve to program the computer and he will teach it to his collaborators to keep them out of work.
    An intense, interesting film that thrills with the fight against racial prejudices but also with the steps forward to send the first man in space.
    In the rest of the cast to quote Kirsten Dunst in the role of acid Vivian Mitchell, supervisor of the color group.

  • Written by chrissnow on 19.02.2018

    Another version of the Frankenstein monster, this time seen from the point of view of Igor the assistant of Dr. Frankenstein.
    Igor (Daniel Radcliffe) is a deformed clown working in a circus; when the scientist Victor Frankenstein (James McAvoy) frees him from his imprisonment, Igor becomes his assistant.
    To obstruct the two we find a detective from Scotland Yard, Turpin (Andrew Scott), a Catholic who then sees badly (to put it mildly) the experiments of Dr. Frankenstein.
    Change the point of view of history, that of Igor that despite a brilliant mind, for his deformity was always seen as a person to be mocked; so it is a sort of redemption on his part that of giving a hand to a doctor even if the latter loses a bit of moral sense in the fury of his experiments.
    The film is still interesting despite the story is very well known; chilling the first animal experiment of Victor, there is also space for the love story between Lorelai (Jessica Brown Findlay of "Downtown Abbey"), circus acrobat, and Igor with Lorelai who plays the part of Igor's good conscience. Igor is in fact is prey of doubts between the gratitude to Victor for having freed him from the imprisonment of the circus and the "morality" of his experiments.
    In the rest of the cast to quote Charles Dance in the role of Victor's father.

  • Written by chrissnow on 02.02.2018

    I thought it was a huge bullshit and instead the film is passable for an evening of relaxation (without too much effort).
    Lieutenant Mitch (Dwayne "The rock" Johnson) is a lifeguard (but do not call him that alone) that with the help of CJ (the wonderful Kelly Rohrbach) and Stephanie (Ilfenesh Hadera) has to choose the new recruits for three places in the team .
    Among the candidates there are the swaggering champion of swimming Matt Brody (Zac Efron), the beautiful Summer (Alexandra Daddario) and the shy and a little clumsy Ronnie (Jon Bass). But the team is not only responsible for rescues but also for the protection of the beach and when a new drug comes out of the sand, Mitch and associates will try to find out where they came from.
    The initial dislike of Matt Brody and the incidents of the dick (excuse vulgarity but it is a double meaning wanted) of Ronnie are the lowest points of the film but has a good rhythm and smiles often especially for the bickering between Matt and Summer that manages to keep it enough to brake responding to tone. Even during the investigation there is some low point (the scene in the morgue, for example) but all in all I thought worse.
    Also some quotes from the original series, with some teasing as for example the protagonists who always seemed to run in slow motion (especially the girls for reasons quite obvious).
    In the rest of the cast to quote Priyanka Chopra (Indian actress seen in the series "Quantico) in the role of the rich Victoria Leeds and the cameos of David Hasselhof (nice final bicker with Mitch) and Pamela Anderson (practically useless instead his cameo).

  • Written by ratone on 18.01.2018

    Sometimes you have to take things for what they are, no more. Kong: Skull Island is the 2017 reboot of the "King Kong" saga, but despite the "franchise" fever of the last few years, the movie is able to keep itself very well contained.

    In this movie, a group of scientists decide to investigate an uncharted island with many stories around it. As the title suggests Kong lives in the Island and all hell breaks loose.

    The human characters end up divided into two groups with very different views on how to deal with the Giant Ape, and to make matters worse, Kong is far from the biggest danger on the Island.

    The movie plays very well with some of the classic "tropes" from the King Kong saga. And this is very interesting, it's a somewhat fresh take on a classic character.

    People die left and right on this movie and the somewhat "disregard" for the characters is somewhat problematic, it's hard to feel attached to any specific character since there is not much going on other than the whole "survival thing".

    But its a good movie, with very well made effects and a great cast of known faces. There is talks of a franchise with Kong vs Godzilla but the movie never overextends itself, there is no guarantee of sequel or anything.

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