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  • Written by random12345 on 22.09.2023

    For a certain crowd of people of a certain age, they remember when they first saw Clerks. A movie that didn't really come out in theaters in any number, but was out on VHS so you rented it from the store after your friend told you about it. You saw it and felt like anyone could make a movie about your life and people would love it.

    There's a very real feel to this movie. Likely because it all came from Kevin Smith'sl experiences as a clerk during the time he made It was shot on 16mm film, after hours in the very store that Kevin Smith worked in at the time.

    Production values are not high, but it's made up for by the dialogue and series of gags put in by Smith. The characters feel like people you might actually run into in the real world. They aren't exceptionally beautiful or incredible, but still very relatable. They argue about Star Wars scenes, relationships, and sucking 37 dicks.

    Inducted into the American National Film Registry in 2019, this movie is a permanent part of American cultural heritage.

  • Written by random12345 on 20.09.2023


    The Graduate only gets better with age. It's the kind of movie where every viewing you can see something new. Spectacular performances by Hoffman and Bancroft, and brilliantly directed by Mike Nichols.

    The story is told through music, visuals, subtle editing techniques where one scene flows into another, and light and shadow. One look from a character to another can show more than could ever be said in dialogue. This is editing and art direction at its best. The cinematography from the film was done by Oscar winner Robert Surtees, who said he put more into this film than any in his 30 year career.

    If you haven't seen this movie. See it. If you've seen it, see it again.

  • Written by random12345 on 17.09.2023

    Walter Hill produce this unique noir in 1984 when nobody thought about doing a noir. Set in an indistinct time with a mix of different genres, the movie feels like it's part comic book, part rock-and-roll musical, part action film.

    Brilliant direction by Hill, the best parts of this movie is the feel, gritty dialogue, and incredible visuals. This isn't a movie that's afraid to be a movie. You feel utterly transported into a world that feels like a parallel universe of different places, times, and characters jumbled together into a world that both feels familiar and strange at the same time.

    A box office bomb at the time, this is a movie to watch for anyone who loves, and is interested in movies and movie making. For everyone else, it's still a wild ride, and well worth a watch.

  • Written by random12345 on 13.09.2023

    Pee-Wee Herman is one of the most beloved characters that's ever been dreamed up. An incredible performance by the late Paul Reubens, and certainly one of Tim Burtons best work.

    The plot is (very) roughly based on "The Bicycle Thief", in which Pee-Wee Herman has his bike stolen, an must seek it out "In the Basement of the Allomo".

    The jokes hit hard, fast, and still deliver after almost 40 year. The entire audience breaks out into spontaneous laughter for at least half the movie. Reubens has perfected the character of Pee-Wee by this time, and it clearly shows in this movie. You really want to believe the Pee-Wee exists as a real person.

    Extremely silly, extremely funny, and full of jokes on everything from Hollywood itself, to Texas. See this movie if you want to laugh out loud

  • Written by random12345 on 07.09.2023

    This has to be one of the most unique movies ever made that'll make you feel the fear.

    The plot revolves around four down and out men are hired to drive 2 cases of sweating, unstable dynamite across a poorly maintained road, through the Columbian jungle.

    Beautifully acted, conceived, and directed, this film has the viewer feeling like you're right with them, and your screen could explode at any moment.

    The movie was not well reviewed when it came out, and had poor performance at the box office. In more recent years it's been re-discovered as a work of genius.

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