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  • Written by Bwoud on 11.01.2024

    A young father and his daughter spent an easy-going holiday together. Lounging by the pool. Having a go at some table sports. Visiting the sights. And accompanying them is a small camcorder. Operated mostly by the daughter it serves as a personal documentary of her time with her father. But the camera does not show the moments that the father wants to keep hidden. The bliss of a summer holiday is reviewed by him on the same camcorder whilst he is in darker times. Both literally and figuratively. And even later still, those recordings serve as a flashback for the daughter. Older, but no wiser to the state of her father on that holiday.

    Director and writer Charlotte Wells easily let's her camera do the observing. Shots linger and slowly drift. They do not show the objects centre-frame, or even completely. We are allowed to make of it what we can. With the actors finely tuned to each other and especially Paul Mescal (not) showing the many layers to his character, it leaves us to freely interpret everything. This film has rightly been called one of the best of the year. And I would heartily recommend it to those who feel they have not just the 101 minute runtime available. But more so those who have whatever time they need afterwards to review for themselves what the movie shows them.

    But be warned. In the end of the holiday and the film. I cannot help but feel as the father does. With the daughter out of frame, there is nothing left of the world. Just him. Alone. And slumped he must walk through the door of darkness and disappear, as he did in an earlier scene into the ocean. But now, into the memory of his daughter. Perhaps they will find each other. I hope so. I dearly hope so.

  • Written by random12345 on 25.11.2023

    Many have said this is the greatest musical ever made. That's only half the story. It' the greatest musical AND dance movie ever made.

    Gene Kelley and Donald O'Connor produce some of the most incredible dance scenes ever caught on film. O'Connors "Make 'em Laugh" routine is beyond words, and has to be seen to be believed. It's not JUST dance, it's a magical movement of his entire body that defies explanation.

    The movie itself is laugh-out-loud funny. The cinematography and color choices create an a world onto itself that's not afraid to escape from reality for just a short period of time. The movie is absolutely beautiful.

    Jean Hagen creates a brilliant "dumb blonde" character, who's not quite as dumb as you think she is.

    Singing in the Rain is set in a world that quickly goes from silent film, to the talkies. Not the best plot in the world, but is more than made up for by everything else, the singing, dancing, physical comedy, and performances of the entire cast.

    For that reason it's a movie that doesn't wear out as you've seen it before. You'll see something new every time you see it.

  • Written by random12345 on 14.11.2023

    There's not many movies that manages to successfully combine horror, humor, and sex all in one movie. An American Werewolf In London not only manages to do all three, but does it in this brilliant way that defies expectations.

    Directed by John Landis while at the height of his powers, the humor and the gore contrast each other in this brilliant way that nobody has done before, or since. The attraction between David Naughten and Jenny Agutter seems as real as it gets. The special effects make you really believe Naughten turns into a wolf.

    All the actors give outstanding performances, and Landis's attention to detail, and subtle in-jokes add to the story immensely.

    Must see horror.

  • Written by lezard on 23.10.2023

    There's nothing worse than a horror movie that is not scary or a comedy which isn't funny. And it's really challenging to make people laugh.

    I soliti Ignoti is a funny, entertaining comedy, though, of course, such an assertion is difficult to prove.

    In this film, everything works smoothly and beautifully. The plot is quite thin : a bunch of crackpots plan to break into rich houses and steal everything. We think about "The Ladykillers » by Mackendrick. Classic indeed, but nevertheless, something is being born on the screen : the tone is right and the social background contributes to making the film much more than just another comedy. Of course the « Italian comedy » existed before but it gains here a new dimension, and both a lightness and a faint melancholy which turns laughter into something indispensable. An inconsolable cheerfulness.

    Successful scenes follow one another : at the pawn-shop (Woody Allen must have seen and remembered this one!), at the boxing match, in the ballroom, and the heist itself, which is an irresistible parody of "Du rififi chez les hommes" by Jules Dassin, a big hit of the 50's in Europe.

    The stupidity of the protagonists is the funny side of the story but the characters, though they are losers, aren't depicted in a scornful or condescending way, and it's not a proof of their inferiority (contrary to the characters of the ferocious and hilarious « Fargo » by The Coen brothers, for instance) but, on the contrary, of their humanity.
    Moreover, because they are so genuinely Italian, they become instantly universal, adding their names to a long list of famous, magnificent and sympathetic idiots, ftom the six partners of « A Midsummer Night's Dream » to Didi and Gogo by Beckett, Laurel and Hardy, and the two dimwits of « Kakushi-toride no san-akunin/Hidden Fortress » by Kurosawa.
    A movie to watch and rewatch just for fun and also to be lucid.

  • Written by random12345 on 08.10.2023

    A spectacular performance by Ricardo Montalban, who was very proud of his muscular and chest development for the role of the "genetic superman" of Khan.

    The film has much focus on aging, renewal, sacrifice, and revenge, with literary and cultural references scattered through the film. The plot revolves around an old super-villain and his quest to seek revenge on James T Kirk, who he believes wronged him 15 years earlier.

    This movie is mostly driven by space battles and conflict. The two main characters of Khan and Kirk never actually meet in person, so it can feel a bit like two men fighting each other over TV screens.

    The costumes designed for the crew of the Botany Bay are among the most creatively and best designed in film, and add to the atmosphere of people left to use the scraps left to them to survive in a harsh environment for 15 years.

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