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  • Written by yippiekayay on 21.08.2018


    When seeing the pristine, unweathered clothing worn by the women in the first scenes of Wonder Woman during their training exercise, I find myself questioning the authenticity of my copy of Wonder Woman and check if I'm watching an episode of Xena: Warrior Princess. Unfortunately, I'm not.

    There is literally not a single crease to find in our young protagonist's outfit and though this might sound as nitpicking it takes me out of the movie instantly.

    The amount of cuts in the first action scene camouflage the fact the actresses don't have any fighting skills and the slow-motion is so overused that this movie is really getting on my nerves right from the get-go. Normally I wouldn't be so fast to judge, but Jenkins' work on this project was so heavily praised I can't help but to wonder what our standards and expectations are when watching a (superhero) movie these days.
    Three random guys get killed by one shot of three arrows and the way they go down makes me chuckle.
    Am I getting too old for this shit?

    At one point some German general played by Danny Huston gets into a conversation with Dr. Poison. These two Germans apparently think it's necessary to converse in English instead of in their native language and I'm actually considering to stop watching.

    Right before the next battle I recall the articles about what this movie allegedly did for female characters in movies, but when Wonder Woman throws off her long coat to reveal her great body to single handedly eliminate the enemy soldiers as naked as possible I don't get why this is any different from the ass shots we already know and love. It's not self aware like Coralie Fargeat's Revenge (which had a budget of less than 3 million, unlike this movie having a budget of more than 120 million) and if someone were to ask me to recommend them a great movie containing with a fantastic heroine it would be that movie over Wonder Woman every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    After the battle sequence there's a short love scene between Wonder Woman and Chris Pine's character and though I know better, I hope to see something that resembles a sideboob just to give me a reason to continue watching this mess. This movie is just no fun at all.

    Finally we get to the final fight scene between Wonder Woman and Ares and it comes as no surprise it's nothing more than two characters who take turns punching eachother with a lot of CGI and very little impact. There's no threat and no consequence and the predictability is head-aching.
    I start daydreaming about Ares actually winning the fight and killing Wonder Woman (optional rape) just to mess with our heads and I wonder how many points I'd add to my rating if this were to really happen.

    Right before the final blow there's a dialogue between the two:

    ARES: “They do not deserve your protection!”
    WW: “It’s not about deserve… It’s about what you believe… And I believe in love.”

    I start laughing and give the movie a 3 out of 10.

  • Written by HAL9000 on 22.07.2018

    The Alien Factor is a simple and cheap movie, but nonetheless entertaining and sympathetic. While the film lacks a serious dose of acting quality (most lines appear to be spoken without really convincing anybody), the creativity applied with simple means gives a very sympathetic touch to the end result.

    The story takes the viewer along the developments in a small town when a couple of people are assaulted by alien beasts. At first, people believe a bear or something alike is responsible, but bit by bit the police and major learn there are alien powers at play

  • Written by elPandator on 02.05.2018

    An excellent film by Nicolas Winding Refn with Tom Hardy.

    The life of Michael Gordon Peterson, or as he has called himself "Charles Bronson", in a mix of one man show, scenes of flashback with incredible framing, and a totally immersive music.

    Tom Hardy is high, very high in his performance.
    He plays an odious and scary character but he manages to make him stay human, with all the complexity of it.

    Violence is ubiquitous in the film, both physical and psychic, but the viewer's anxiety decreases with the choice of pictures, music and spikes of (very) dark humor.

    It is a social fresco, between violence and madness, an exploration of the human in its darkest sides. It can be disturbing but it comes to question the viewer on the violence that resides in each of us.

    The fascination and the immersion come to seize the spectator very quickly and never leave it.
    A real feat when you tell the biopic of an ultra violent sociopath ...

    A must see if you are able to support the vision of human chaos.

  • Written by elPandator on 27.04.2018

    The Three Robbers is an excellent adaptation of the children's book written in the 1960s.
    This is the story of three robbers who respectively have a blunderbuss, a bellows filled with pepper and a big red ax.
    They seem to be mean but it turns out they have a big heart.

    [Spoiler Alert]
    Accustomed to loot travelers they fall one day on a little girl they kidnap to have money
    But the little girl is actually an orphan who has no money.
    The robbers begin to love the girl and end up building a beautiful orphanage with the money they stole to accommodate all the orphans in need.
    [Spoiler Alert / end]

    With the beautiful original drawings adapted for animation we find the feeling of an old-fashioned cartoon, which is nice.
    The music is really good and allows children to discover beautiful music.

    A beautiful story about a subject that can be sad but is punctuated with a pleasant and good-natured humor.
    I read it when i was young and saw it at the children's theater so i'm probably not objective ... But he left me such a good memory.

    To see for young and old.

  • Written by elPandator on 26.04.2018

    Despite many Oscar nominations I was very disappointed by this film.

    Good points :

    - The image is beautiful, certainly, a good job on costumes and moods.

    - The music is also good, that's a good point.

    Bad point :

    - The actors could be very good, they are in their other films, but unfortunately they play big "clichés" in this film.
    The dumb who meets a creature who does not speak, the sensitive homosexual and artist who lives alone and is rejected by society, the strong black woman with a tender heart.
    Argh, clichés clichés clichés ...

    - The story is very predictable (in the first ten minutes...), it slows down when you have to go faster ; boring moments.
    And it accelerates when you have to take the time ; the meeting and the taming between the girl and the creature is much too fast and breaks everything of the central idea of the film.

    A good idea that becomes a simpleton story.

    Too bad.

    (sorry for my bad english by the way)

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