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  • Written by Depraedata on 01.07.2018

    This movie is still one of my all-time favourites. I went to see it at the cinema when I was 14, after convincing my mom that she should let me see it (it was rated 16 in the Netherlands). Never regretted it, although she did. I remember just feeling in awe of this superhero movie. My love for these types of movies hasn't died, no matter the company, the hero or the genre. When a movie is this good, who cares where the source material comes from? DC might have had some missers recently (Wonder Woman excluded) but this is still one of the all-time greats.

    This, I think, is in great part due to its villain. No villain in the genre has come close to matching Heath Ledger's eerie vibe as The Joker. I adore Marvel, and may be biased towards them, but I will admit that they have had some faults with their villains, with the exception of quite a few from their TV shows and Thanos, more recently. Heath Ledger will go down in history. So will Christopher Nolan.

    There are some movies you wish you could see again for the first time. This is definitely one of them.

  • Written by elPandator on 02.05.2018

    An excellent film by Nicolas Winding Refn with Tom Hardy.

    The life of Michael Gordon Peterson, or as he has called himself "Charles Bronson", in a mix of one man show, scenes of flashback with incredible framing, and a totally immersive music.

    Tom Hardy is high, very high in his performance.
    He plays an odious and scary character but he manages to make him stay human, with all the complexity of it.

    Violence is ubiquitous in the film, both physical and psychic, but the viewer's anxiety decreases with the choice of pictures, music and spikes of (very) dark humor.

    It is a social fresco, between violence and madness, an exploration of the human in its darkest sides. It can be disturbing but it comes to question the viewer on the violence that resides in each of us.

    The fascination and the immersion come to seize the spectator very quickly and never leave it.
    A real feat when you tell the biopic of an ultra violent sociopath ...

    A must see if you are able to support the vision of human chaos.

  • Written by elPandator on 27.04.2018

    The Three Robbers is an excellent adaptation of the children's book written in the 1960s.
    This is the story of three robbers who respectively have a blunderbuss, a bellows filled with pepper and a big red ax.
    They seem to be mean but it turns out they have a big heart.

    [Spoiler Alert]
    Accustomed to loot travelers they fall one day on a little girl they kidnap to have money
    But the little girl is actually an orphan who has no money.
    The robbers begin to love the girl and end up building a beautiful orphanage with the money they stole to accommodate all the orphans in need.
    [Spoiler Alert / end]

    With the beautiful original drawings adapted for animation we find the feeling of an old-fashioned cartoon, which is nice.
    The music is really good and allows children to discover beautiful music.

    A beautiful story about a subject that can be sad but is punctuated with a pleasant and good-natured humor.
    I read it when i was young and saw it at the children's theater so i'm probably not objective ... But he left me such a good memory.

    To see for young and old.

  • Written by elPandator on 26.04.2018

    Despite many Oscar nominations I was very disappointed by this film.

    Good points :

    - The image is beautiful, certainly, a good job on costumes and moods.

    - The music is also good, that's a good point.

    Bad point :

    - The actors could be very good, they are in their other films, but unfortunately they play big "clichés" in this film.
    The dumb who meets a creature who does not speak, the sensitive homosexual and artist who lives alone and is rejected by society, the strong black woman with a tender heart.
    Argh, clichés clichés clichés ...

    - The story is very predictable (in the first ten minutes...), it slows down when you have to go faster ; boring moments.
    And it accelerates when you have to take the time ; the meeting and the taming between the girl and the creature is much too fast and breaks everything of the central idea of the film.

    A good idea that becomes a simpleton story.

    Too bad.

    (sorry for my bad english by the way)

  • It — for It
    Written by HAL9000 on 03.04.2018

    [[ Contains spoilers ]]

    It follows the lives of a group of seven children, who are haunted by terrorising images, they initially prefer not to admit to anyone. As they get together, bit by bit they learn they all have visions based on their fears, manifesting as monsters, gore and old memories troubling them again.

    While learning the town has been troubled by high amounts of unexplained gruesome events before, they find no real support from adults in their concern. They discover the evil comes in many shapes, but the apparition as a clown is what its famous for.

    Together they conspire to fight and destroy IT, to prevent this from ever happening again, to themselves or others.

    (The original film also has a part about their lives as adults, the 2017 remake doesn't)

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