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Leto (2018)

Rock The Dacha! — Written by lezard on 14.12.2019

Following teenage girls who are going to a rock-concert, entering through a back door, we break into the movie like burglars. We are in Russia in the early 80's and rock'n'roll if of course regarded as decadent. We discover Mike, the lead-singer of Zoopark, and the camera lingers on a crowd of young people, watched by members of the party. They look like inmates, forced to remain seated while watching Johnny Cash.

The beach, a radiant sun. Viktor Tsoi (a legend of Russian rock) comes to see Mike and his friends who are having a picnic/party. He wants a piece of advice about the songs he writes. It's summer and their youth is shining, blinding. The music they play is great. The b&w photography is nothing but sublime.

The film features the early days of Russian rock'n'roll, along with the last days of communism. All this is seen through the eyes of Natacha, Mike's girl-friend who quickly falls in love with Viktor.

The movie is interspersed with «music video-clips», which unexpectedly pop up, and bring a vibrant, joyful and desperate energy to the story.

The soundtrack features Bowie, T. Rex, The Velvet Underground and so many others, plus of course Viktor Tsoi and Zoopark.

A GREAT movie !

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