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Little Fugitive (1953)

Coney Island Baby — Written by lezard on 09.11.2019

What was New York really like in the 50's ? And Brooklyn ? To know this, we can try to find articles from Life, read a few novels or see the photos of Vivian Maier and Saul Leiter. Or more easily, we can watch the Little Fugitive.
Self-financed with very little money this movie could well not ever have been shot. Fortunately, it was.
With a very thin plot, the movie allows us to witness a week-end in New York, in Coney Island, more precisely. We drift among daily life, ordinary people, details, and it's fascinating.The quality of the photography is exceptional.
Moreover, this movie stands at equal distance from the Italian neo-realism and the French New Wave. It is a unique landmark in The American cinema of the 50's.
Cinema is full of fugitives and runaways. This one is funny, innocent, unexpected. Let's follow him !

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