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Szerelem (1971)

Love, Actually — Written by lezard on 09.11.2019

Hungary, 1953, during the Stalinian purges.
A woman is waiting for the very hypothetical release of her husband, in prison for political reasons. Unemployed, on the verge on poverty, she takes care of her mother-in-law.
She is regularly harassed by policemen or party members. But she endures, keeps going, keeps caring tenderly. Little is said.
How can you express waiting, longing, tenderness, hope? This is where great acting and directing takes place.
For this is a movie about love as an impetus of life and resistance, love as a politically deviant behaviour. It is also a movie about hope as a force of imagination. This woman and her mother-in-law, without speaking, imagine their life with the missing son/husband. A movie, made of memories and expectations, unfolds in their mind and we can actually understand and see this. Creation also offers a power of resistance. The end of the film, almost wordless in an intense moment of emotion.
The photography is totally stunning.

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