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Vanishing Point (1971)

On the Road Again! — Written by lezard on 06.11.2019

In 1968 the huge success of Easy Rider turns road movies into a popular genre.
In 1971 Richard Sarafian shoots « Vanishing Point », his masterpiece . Kowalski goes to Denver to take delivery of a car. He bets he can reach San Francisco, 2000 kms away, in 15 hours. To succeed, he has to exceed all the limits. The pitch is thin but the movie is inventive and full of a desperate energy.
This movie is typical of the new Hollywood and depicts the desillusion of the USA in the seventies, the dark side of the American Dream, through a series of meeting with borderline or ordinary people.
Kowalski is a modern cowboy and his Dodge Challenger is going to become mythical. It will inspire Tarantino for Death Proof, and George Miller for some scenes in Mad Max 1.
A great movie !

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