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Midaregumo (1967)

The surface of the volcano! — Written by lezard on 27.10.2019

Regardless of Naruse's whole career and movies (which are great)his last one is remarkable in many ways. But above all, what best defines the movie is what it is not: loud, flamboyant, predictable. Given the same script who would have made such a movie? Even Douglas Sirk, the king of melodrama would not have resisted the temptation of something more dramatic and controversial . Naruse's movie has what 99% of all movies lack: discretion, delicacy, respect. Yet it is a passionate movie if you can imagine and feel what the characters experience, what is boiling under the surface of the polished Japanese volcano. We too want to yell and free the characters from all the weight and pressure of a rigid society. Experience something different: no sex, no killing, no bloodshed, nothing low. Feelings and inner turmoil, at the highest degree, near incandescence. A great movie!

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