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Die drei Räuber (2007)

A perfect child story. — Written by elPandator on 27.04.2018

The Three Robbers is an excellent adaptation of the children's book written in the 1960s.
This is the story of three robbers who respectively have a blunderbuss, a bellows filled with pepper and a big red ax.
They seem to be mean but it turns out they have a big heart.

[Spoiler Alert]
Accustomed to loot travelers they fall one day on a little girl they kidnap to have money
But the little girl is actually an orphan who has no money.
The robbers begin to love the girl and end up building a beautiful orphanage with the money they stole to accommodate all the orphans in need.
[Spoiler Alert / end]

With the beautiful original drawings adapted for animation we find the feeling of an old-fashioned cartoon, which is nice.
The music is really good and allows children to discover beautiful music.

A beautiful story about a subject that can be sad but is punctuated with a pleasant and good-natured humor.
I read it when i was young and saw it at the children's theater so i'm probably not objective ... But he left me such a good memory.

To see for young and old.

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